Saturday, March 28, 2009


Another beautiful day in Paradise.
In the Morning I met Jim Mousel, at a restaurant, for breakfast.
Late afternoon, Doreen and I went to Jolly Rogers, at the harbor in Oceanside, for Mexican food.
We watched the boats, entering and leaving the harbor, while eating.
After the meal we went to the flower fields. I took more pictures, but I am still not satisfied. Diana would get some wonderful shots.

The flower fields were busy. Many people were walking and some were riding in the wagons pulled by tractors.
We met our next door neighbors while walking above the flower fields.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Temecula Bluegrass Festival

We left Carlsbad shortly before 11:00 AM and arrived at Temecula at 12:00 noon.
At the place, were we were to stay, we were informed that we had to go to an open lot at the other side of the river.
The person, who gave us this information, wrote the number of the camp site on the back of our invoice. It looked like the number five, so when we arrived there, we backed into number five.
Chappy had told us that he and Dottie would be next to us.
Some of our Shanty Shakers Club members arrived shortly after us. We had a little gathering and then Doreen and I had lunch.
After lunch we walked to the theater, one of the two Bluegrass Festival venues, the other is an open air place.
The theater is only a few minutes from our camping area. I am glad we did not have to stay at the original place. It is further away from the theater and there is a lot of noise from I-15.
Staying in Old town is very convenient, the stores and restaurants are all in walking distance.
Doreen went into one of the stores while I went to check up on Chappy. I was told that he had not arrived yet. I asked for his site number, and I was told it was number ten. That made me suspicious and I asked for our site number. Ours was nine. While I was walking back, I saw Chappy’s motorhome passing the street where they were supposed to turn. I waited until they came back and jumped into the motorhome and guided them to their camp site. Then I moved my motor home to the correct site, next to them.
I called Doreen and told her what had happened and told her to come back.
Chappy was late because he had backed into a car at the gas station at Costco.
We got the chairs out and had a nice conversation. Some neighbors came by and joined us for a short while.
Dinner we had at Chappy’s motorhome. Doreen had made a potato salad and I made a broccoli salad and cooked hamburgers on the grill.
After dinner we talked for a few hours.

We left the motorhome at 10:00 AM and went to the farmers market, where they sell fruits and vegetables.
Doreen and Dottie went to several stores after we were through with looking at the produce.
When we were walking on Old Town Front Street, bands were playing at each intersection. We stopped and listened at one corner where four young children played bluegrass and country music. The youngest was 10 years old, and the oldest 15 years.
They were very good.

Chappy took us out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

After lunch we listened to the Sligo Rags band at the Old Town Community Theater. They seem to be one of the better bands at the festival. We liked them.

Doreen and I went back to the motorhome, where Rhonda and Frank Muzzy joined us. They live only a few miles from Temecula and were in town to buy a car. They bought a Honda, which they will be able to tow when they get their motorhome.
In the evening we watched a Victor Borge tape and a tape of “Brideshead Revisited”, an English TV show.

It rained this morning. Chappy and I walked to a restaurant, where Chappy bought a newspaper and Chappy had a coffee and I had a hot chocolate.
Shortly before 11:00 AM we took off in our rain coats and umbrellas. At the Old Town Community Theater we listened to the music of “Bluegrass Brethern”.

At 12:00 AM the “Sligo Rags” were on again. Since we liked them so much we decided to stay and enjoy their music again.
After lunch we walked to Old Town Front Street. While Doreen went into stores, I enjoyed the music of the bands which played on street corners.

The rain had moved on and the sun came out.
At 3:00 PM we went back to the theater and listened to “Bluegrass Etc.” At 4:15 PM the Claire Lynch Band started their program.

We stayed for 30 minutes and then went to an Italian restaurant, where the Shanty Shakers met for dinner.
We had not done much with the group at this outing and decided to go. We enjoyed it very much. The food was very good and so was the company.

We left Temecula at 5:15 AM and were home at 6:15 AM. After parking the motorhome we went back to bed.
Traffic was heavy, but it would have been worse if we left later.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guajome Outing

It is a short distance for us to go to Guajome County Park. It took us only 20 minutes.
We are the hosts for this outing. Chappy and Dottie are our co hosts.
We arrived at the park a few minutes after 12:00 noon.

At 4:00 PM we had Happy Hour and at 5:00 PM heavy hors d’oeuvres. The food ranged from deviled eggs to egg rolls, taquitos and filled potatoes. Nobody did leave hungry.
After eating we sat around the camp fire. I stayed close to Denise, she has the best and funny stories.

About 8:00 AM some of the group came to sit around the camp fire. I had started the fire because it is cool in the morning. During the day it is warm and at night cool. This creates a lot of moisture and everything left outside gets wet.
Doreen and Dottie left at 10:00 AM for Steinmart. The Carlsbad store is closing and is having a big sale.
I started the evening meal. I sliced 14 pounds of corned beef and put it in a turkey broiler, for keeping warm.
Chappy and I set up the tables for feeding 22 people and for serving the food.
After the 4:00 PM meeting I started cooking the potatoes and carrots. After they were done, I cooked the cabbage. The potatoes and carrots were kept warm in another turkey broiler.

At 5:30 PM we had a typical Irish meal. Linda surprised us with having green hair.

After dinner we had another big fire. Since it was really warm today we had a pleasant evening.

This morning Chappy, Dottie, Doreen and I went to the game warden at, Camp Pendleton, to get our yearly permit to camp at Red Beach.
The rest of the day we took it easy. Dinner was corned beef sandwiches. There were only a few slices left of the 14 pounds of meat I had bought. Next year I better buy a pound more.
Dessert was peach cobbler and ice cream, and brownies.
We had another big camp fire.

We left for home early in the morning to get ready for the Blue Grass Festival in Temecula.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Carlsbad, Village by the Sea

Carlsbad, California, is known for its flower fields.
This month the flowers are starting to bloom.

The above pictures were taken today. Doreen and I sometimes walk above the flower fields. We live only two miles from this beautiful spot. Legoland is next to the flower fields.
Tourists take the tractor and wagon tour.
The ocean is in the background, but because of the blue sky not visible.
In a few weeks the fields will look like the pictures below.

In Carlsbad we have one of the most beautiful exit and entrance to Interstate-5.

Our backyard is not shabby either. This is the view I have right now, while sitting in front of the computer.

Carlsbad grew over the last 30 years, but kept its village flavor. There was a time when there was a K in Carlsbad, just like in Germany and Bohemia.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oceanside Pier 2009

Today we went to the Oceanside Pier, one of the longest piers on the west coast.
At the end of the pier is Ruby's restaurant, a 50's style eatery.
They play music from that area and the decor is from the same time.
The view is beautiful. Sail boats are cruising by and people are surfing and enjoying the beach.
We had lunch and enjoyed the scenery.
Next month we will be on the road. Right now I follow Diana racing across Texas, Donna and Bob enjoying Arizona and Barbara being domesticated, or should I say, enjoying their new house.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shelter Island and Point Loma 2009

In the morning we brought Jean Sinclair to the airport.
From the airport we went to Shelter Island. This is a man made island, with hotels and a park like setting.
One has a fantastic view of San Diego Bay and the sky line of the city.
The Japanese friendship bell and other tourist attractions are located on Shelter Island.

Our next stop was Point Loma. There we visited Cabrillo National Monument. The old and new light house and the statue of Cabrillo are located there.
At the Visitor Center we saw a movie about the Gray Whales and their migration to the lagoons in Baja California, to have their babies there.
The movie reminded me of my trip, last March, to San Ignacio Lagoon, where I was able to touch several mother whales and their babies.
After the film we had our lunch at a little picnic area and then took a walk to the light house.
The park is on a high bluff, it was breezy up there, but the view is always terrific.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Summer weather in March

The temperature, in the San Diego area, was 80 degrees F today.
We went to the Reuben H Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. In their IMAX theatre they showed the film about the life of Van Gogh. They also showed many of his paintings.
After the movie we went to the El Indio Mexican Restaurant. If you ever visit San Diego, you have to eat at this restaurant. It is not fancy, but the food is good.

From there we went to the house of Doreen's son and daughter in law. He and his wife were at home, that was a surprise, they usually do things on Sundays, like going for a bike ride, or walking along the ocean.
Another surprise was when Sandra arrived. She is Doreen's daughter.
Here the whole family was together without any prior arrangements.