Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

This was a good traveling day. It was cloudy all day and foggy near the coast.
We spent some time in Orick, California. Doris’s mother had made a quilt; it was not finished though. A lady in Orick finished it.
Doris had called the lady and they agreed on a time to pick up the quilt. When we arrived in Orick the lady was not at her store. I talked to a young man, who lives next to the store, and he told us where the lady lives. Doris paid her a visit and she told Doris that she would be there in fifteen minutes. It was fifteen minutes Orick time , which are about thirty minutes. We finally got the quilt and Doris was happy.
If we would have known that we had to wait an hour we could have had a leisurely breakfast at the Palm Café.
We continued our journey and arrived at Bullards Beach State Park in Bandon, Oregon at about 3:30 PM.
Our camp site is a long one with bushes and even a blooming rhododendron bush. We have water and electricity but no sewer hook-up.

Doris’s daughter made the reservation.  Usually I do not care but this time I wanted to clean the black water tank. We have to do it at our next outing.
The motorhome looks good again. I used a lot of elbow grease to polish the outside with gel-gloss.
Between polishing the motorhome and working on the sprinkler system I was busy again last week. Moving the motorhome from the concrete pad was easy. I just drove it out. I had about a foot clearance from the fence across the alley. Backing in is not that easy. A longer motorhome will not be able to make the turn.
Doris was unhappy when I took down her potting shed. She uses the plot now for a vegetable garden and she planted lettuce, peas and some other vegetables. She is happy again.

Doris told me that it rains in Bandon every Memorial Day. I told her that in Germany they have a saying: “When angel travel it does not rain”. Since I am an angel we should have a dry outing.
This morning we had a fine mist, which does not count.
This morning we went to Bandon Old Town and visited some chocolate shops. Cranberry Sweets had a lot of free samples. Doris bought some of their sweets while I sampled.
We also went to the Farmers Market, which was actually a craft fair, a place where they sell stuff people make.

On the way home we took a short drive along the coast and saw the light house from the distance.

In the afternoon Gayle, Doris’s daughter, arrived. She lives near Portland. She set up her big tent at the camp site across from us. Besides the big tent she had a full size barbeque set in her small car. Her car was loaded.

Late afternoon Lynda, Doris’s other daughter, and her son arrived. They also live near Portland. She parked her tent trailer at the site next to us. Her daughter and boy friend came in his car. Lynda’s husband will come tomorrow.
For dinner we had Tri Tip Steak, baked potatoes and salad. Gayle’ large barbeque was handy to cook the meat. The potatoes were done on my small barbeque.
We sat at the camp fire until 11:00 PM. Doris wanted to stay longer. She is related to the Energizer Bunny.
We had a big breakfast, pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Gayle cooked lunch. She cut up small potatoes, wrapped them in aluminum foil and cooked them on the barbeque. She cut up the leftover tri tip steak and put it in foil and heated it up.
In a big bowl she put cut up lettuce, avocado, and other greenery. When the potatoes were done she mixed everything in the big bowl and added salad dressing. It turned out to be a super salad.

Rick, Lynda’s husband arrived early afternoon with the big family dog and we went to Old Town in Bandon. After sampling the chocolates at Cranberry Sweets we drove out of town and checked out the RV Park where we will have a large family reunion in August. All of Doris’s children will be there and family friends, who were former neighbors.
For dinner we cooked hamburgers. We had a camp fire again.

Today we had patches of blue sky.

We went back to Old Town and after the women were done shopping we went to Face Rock Beach.

We went through a cave.

At the rocks are a lot of gooseneck barnacles. They cover the rocks from the sand line to about three feet high.

We saw a lot of sea stars attached to the rocks.

The sun was shining but it was very windy and cool.

Doris and her two daughters are all bundled up.

Cassy the dog enjoyed a swim.

Doris wore her water shoes and the sand got in and she had to clean the shoes and put them back on with the help of Lynda.

Alex did something what is not allowed in the park. He climbed the rocks.

There were some bicycle riders on the beach. The tires on the bicycles have a very large diameter.

The beach is very beautiful.

In the evening we had dinner at the Lord Bennetts  Restaurant. Rick treated us; he knows the owner.

The restaurant is at the second story of the building and one has a fantastic view of the beach and rock formations.

We are alone here now. Everybody had to go home today and either go to school tomorrow or go to work.
It was a sunny and warm day. We drove along the coastal roads and stopped at certain places. We talked to volunteer rangers and had some interesting conversations.

On the way home we stopped one more time at the chocolate store and I did some sampling while Doris did the buying.
This was a fantastic outing. It did not rain which made a difference. Doris enjoyed her children and grandchildren. This was the important part of this trip.

The drive home was uneventful. Getting on the concrete slab in the backyard is another story. I ripped off a side light on the motorhome and damaged the rain gutter on the garage. Both can be fixed.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2015

I did not give up and tried one more time to get the motorhome on the concrete pad. This time I backed it in. This way I had more control and could get closer to the fence across the alley.
I had to raise the wires for cable television and the telephone another few inches. Monday I have to go to the cable company and ask them to put a post on the garage and change the height of the cables.
I would have preferred to bring in the front of the motorhome first because the pad follows the height of the land and it is lower in the front. It is easier to make ramps for the front wheels instead the dual tires in the back. But I am not complaining. Now I can work on the motorhome and wash it. The storage place did not allow that.
Today I finished making a 22 inch extension for one side of the gate.

Spring is very pretty in Eureka. On my morning walk I see many interesting flowering trees and bushes.

I had one of those plants in my garden in San Diego. The flowers were white.

I observed those people working on the roof. This would not be a job for me.

Our neighbor has a lilac tree. It does not have all its leaves yet.

Last week Doris and I took a private dance lesson. We would like to improve our dancing of the West Coast Swing. It is hard work. Now we practice for fifteen minutes every night and go dancing every Monday and sometimes on Saturday.
Since we attended the Healthy Diet Seminar Doris looks at every box and bottle for the content.
Yesterday she made her own salad dressing and cereal. Monday is our last class.
Yesterday afternoon we went to the Botanical Garden. They had a plant sale. Doris bought several flowering plants.

There was free wine and finger food. yesterday was the plant sale for the membership. I do not know whether the general public gets the same today.

This was another busy week.
We had our last class of Healthy Living. I made a ramp to raise the back of the motorhome. It is almost level. The hydraulic jacks have now enough stroke to completely level the motorhome on the concrete pad.
Suddenlink, the cable television company, told me after I install a mast on the garage they will come and relocate the cable so we will have enough clearance for the motorhome.
I went to electric companies and looked for a mast. What they had was too large and expensive. Doris had told me some time ago she would like to get rid of the television satellite dish which is mounted on the garage roof. I took it down and will use the mounting bracket and the mast for the television cable.
Monday evening is our regular dancing night.
Last weekend we went to the Eureka Woman’s Club where the Eureka Heritage Society held their 2015 Preservation Awards.

The owners of two homes were honored for refurbishing the houses and the Northern California Indian Development Counsel was honored for bringing back the Carson Block nearly to its original condition.
Doris is treasurer of the Heritage Society and that keeps her busy.
Yesterday we went to an English Tea at a one hundred year old beautiful home. It was a fund raiser for an old house the Heritage Society is working on. We drank tea and ate small sandwiches and scones while a harp player entertained us.

The billiard table was covered and used as a dining table.

I also did odd jobs around the house. I replaced air circulating screens at the side of the house, and replaced rotten wood on storage bins on the side of the garage.  
Today is Mother’s day and I took Doris to Gill’s by the Bay for breakfast. In the afternoon we went to Clay and Catherine for a BBQ. Thomas, Doris’s grandson, and his wife were there too. 

This was another busy week. Mr. Big, the cat, is the only one in the house who takes it easy. He developed a bad habit, he jumps on the breakfast bar now.
When I come in the kitchen he jumps off right away. Doris tries to talk to him in a nice way and he looks at her and does not move. Her baby tries to get away with it.

Saturday we went to the Dedication Ceremony of Sara’s Garden at the Botanical Garden. Sara was a leader in the community.

Several people gave speeches.

Sara’s grandchildren cut the ribbon.

When we came back home Doris finished the Black Forest Cherry Cake she has started on Friday. It is a four layer cake and took a lot of time to construct.

She kept the layers from sliding by installing tooth picks. In the car she kept the cake on her lap. We went to another monthly gourmet dinner. The theme was German food. I had made red cabbage.
Doris always does everything 150 per cent. She did not have to make the cake. Every family brought only one item.
During the week I removed the TV dish from the roof of the garage and mounted the mast near the TV cable. Suddenlink, the Cable Company, came and attached the cable to it. Now I have to relocate the telephone cables to clear the air conditioner on top of the motorhome.
 I also worked on the sprinkler system which has not been used for a long time. Doris has a lot of hanging pots with flowers along the fence.
I polished one side of the motorhome and removed most of the flaking gell coat. It looks a lot better. I am trying  to do the other sides before Thursday.