Saturday, June 25, 2016

Legoland and Seaworld 2016

We arrived at the Oceanside Elks Lodge at 8:30 AM. The camp host was still sleeping and I did not dare to knock on the door. The RV Parking area was full and I did not want to irritate him. He opened the door at 9:00 AM and told me what I knew already, but he will let me stay for the night at the parking lot and we will get a site tomorrow.
After showering and having lunch we went to see Grandma Doreen. We had a late breakfast with her. Mimi’s serves breakfast all day.

We also made three ten minute stops at Camino Hills. We saw old neighbors of mine.

Today was another beach day. Nicolette and Jacob were three hours in the water jumping into incoming waves. They would have stayed longer but I wanted to get the motorhome into a site. Ken, the RV Park host, was gone this morning and I could not do it. If I would have checked the sign on his door I could have moved before we left. He had left me a note.
The weather was perfect for the beach.

Today we went to Legoland. We did not have to drive very far.
When I lived in Carlsbad I could see part of the Legoland evening fireworks from home. Caminohills is only about four miles from the park.

All sizes of legos are used to build structures, animals and people.

We took several boat rides. In a larger boat we toured a small lake. On the shores of the lake were miniature cities and famous buildings.

New York City was quite large.

Las Vegas was there too.

Nicolette and Jacob rode on boats which went in a circle. Viewers could push buttons and water would come straight up near the boats. It sounded like explosions.

At the Lost Kingdom Adventure one rode in a vehicle and used a laser handgun to shoot at objects.
On the mechanical horses small children would go up and down similar to a real horse.

Jacob and Nicolette would also ride on a boat which had water canons and they could shoot at other boats and people which stood at the side of the water. But there were also canons on land and people shot back at the boats.

Jacob coaxed Nicolette to go with him on a roller coaster which went through water. They came back wet. But that was not enough for Jacob. He again convinced Nicolette to go with him to a ride where a big barrel filled with water would come down. They came back drenched and looked like wet rats.
I paid five dollars to have them use a dryer.
This was not part of the water park. The water park is in a separate area.

There is also a place for small children to have fun with water.

There are also booths where one can shoot, throw balls and do other things to win prizes. Everything is expensive. A bottle of water costs $ 3.99.

There is also entertainment. Those girls were dancing to loud music.

Jacob went on several roller coaster like rides. Nicolette and I went only on a small, fast ride with him.

I am glad we arrived at SeaWorld early. The tide pools and other small attractions were open when we got there and we could enjoy them.

The park opened at 9:00 AM and we went up the Skytower. Unfortunately it was still a bit foggy and we could not see the San Diego skyline. We saw all the rides and buildings of the park though.

The park has many flamingos.

In the shark encounter one can walk below the sharks. Actually one cannot walk. A moving sidewalk  transports the visitors through the building.

We saw the dolphin show.

We also went to the Penguin Encounter. It was almost dark inside.

The show at the Sea Lion and Otter stadium was geared more for children.

The show at the Pet Stadium was very good. Dogs, cats and other animals performed at the stage. Cats were doing things I thought they would not do.

Cats walked on high wires and performed tricks.
The Shamu Show was the largest show. Nicolette and Jacob sat in the splash section but did not get wet.
For some reason the orcas did not spray so much at this area.

The White Belugas appear to be smiling.

Jacob did not go on the giant roller coaster and Journey to Atlantis which has a steep water decline.
I believe he had enough roller coasters for a while.

The Cirque Stadium has colorful spheres.

The children wanted to go on the Shipwreck Rapids ride but the line was too long.

The children wanted to go swimming in the ocean one more time. In Eureka the water is colder and when they come out it is no fun. The normal summer temperature is between 60 and 65 degrees F.
We went to Tamarack Beach and spent two hours there.
On the way home we had lunch at Olive Garden. Nicolette wanted to eat there.
The rest of the day I spent getting ready for the trip up North.

We left Oceanside at 3:45 AM. I let the children sleep. Nicolette slept on the couch and Jacob on the floor, on an air mattress. They were protected by pillows in case I had to do a fast stop.
I stopped in Oxnard at Costco for gasoline.
Usually I eat breakfast there and shave. The children did not want to get up. So I kept on driving.
This was the easiest trip through Los Angeles. There was traffic, but mostly at 55 miles per hour.
At 7:00 AM Nicolette was hungry. I stopped at a large parking area next to the highway.
Jacob was out of milk again. We just bought a half gallon. They tell me when they are out of things, never before.
Nicolette drinks Lactose free milk and I use Almond milk for my cereal. We have three different milks.
The two of them never seem to like the same food.
We arrived at the San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge at 10:00 AM. We were greeted by two ladies from the WINs. They are staying here for a while.
There were no more sites available. The secretary of the lodge asked me whether I have a dog. After I told him no, he let me stay next to the cemetery. I stayed there before but after the cemetery complained that people used the area for a dog walk, the lodge did not let  people park there.
After setting up the motorhome and eating lunch we drove to Pismo Beach. It was foggy and cool there. We did not stay long.

Back at the lodge we went swimming in the swimming pool.

In the evening we drove to the Thursday Farmers Market. It is a very large affair. There is entertainment.
A funny juggler had his audience in stitches.

People were sitting on the sidewalk eating.

Corn on the cob seems to be one of the favorite foods.

This little girl made a new friend.

Nicolette wanted a funnel cake. Jacob bought something too.

We arrived at the San Jose Elks Lodge at 9:00 AM. There was one site with hook-ups available.
We took it and got ready for going to the swimming pool. The pool was not open because of contamination.
The sign on the gate indicated that by 1:00 PM we could enjoy the cool water. We had lunch and then went back to the pool. This time we were told that the Health Department told the lodge not to use the swimming pool today.
If I would have known that I could have gone to South San Francisco and stayed there. But I wanted the children to have fun.
Now we had a long afternoon. Nicolette finished her large book some days ago. They played enough games and seem to look for something else. At least we have air condition but no WI-FI.
Our site is too far away from the lodge. 
Later we went to the pool and sat in the shade and did our computer work.
After a rest in the motorhome the children went back to the pool and played table tennis for a while and then swam in the little pool.
After an hour they were told they can not swim in that pool too.
A child pooped in the big pool, that was the reason it is contaminated.


At 5:15 AM I drove down 19th Avenue in San Francisco. There was no traffic problem. I saw three cars. I had green traffic lights most of the time. Fifteen minutes later I went over the Golden Gate Bridge. I did not stop at the overlook since the children were still sleeping.
I had left San Jose at 4:09 AM.
In Ukiah I stopped at the Coyote Valley Casino and got gasoline. We drove to their parking lot and made our breakfast.
We arrived in Eureka at about 10:00 AM.
This was a wonderful trip. The children behaved and enjoyed the three parks.
I do not know what is happening with me now. Tonight I have dinner with Doris at a Chinese restaurant and then we go to First Saturday-Arts Walk.
We will be visiting some art galleries and enjoy the musicians at the street corners and in some restaurants and galleries.

We tried a new Chinese restaurant and it was not that great.
At Arts Walk where not that many people. I believe it is because of the Independence Day weekend. A lot of folks are traveling right now.
But there was some good music in Old Town.

There were people marking a car. The owner encouraged it.

At the Boardwalk will be a Ferries wheel and other forms of entertainment.