Sunday, July 8, 2018

Eureka - July 2018

Monday, we hiked the Elk River Headwater Trail.

Judy, the ranger, was leading us. She gave us information about the forest and how it became a National Preserve.

Tuesday was dancing day at the Senior Center.

Wednesday was Independence Day. Joan and I went to Old Town where 2nd Street was filled with people.

In the evening I watched some of the guests at the Moose Lodge light fireworks.

Friday, Joan and I walked with the Ramblers the Bull Creek Flats Trail. We walked five miles. The trail was easy to walk on and the scenery was beautiful.

We noticed the man with the beard.

Rich was crawling inside a fallen tree.

Tourists were looking at the Giant Tree.

After the walk we ate our lunch.

This was another wonderful day.
Saturday was First Saturday-Arts Alive in Old Town. Art Galleries were open and served little snacks.
Joan and I visited the Morris Graves Art Museum and the Clark Museum and some galleries.
Then we walked 2nd Street where all the action was.
On Sunday I drove to Blue Lake where the town celebrated Annie and Mary Day. At the park were several bands playing and people dancing.

Vendors in booths were selling all kind of wares.

Stefan and Beckie were on Main Street where the old cars were lined up. They had again their BMW Isetta and their BMW motorcycle with side car on display.

The temperature in Eureka is still between 65 and 70 degrees F.
In the valley, across the mountains, the temperature is now 105 degrees F. Two of my neighbors are from Redding and they will spend all summer here.
Joan has gone to Grants Pass, Oregon. Her daughter and son in law went on vacation and Joan is taking care of two horses, three dogs, some cats, and chickens.
I walked with the Ramblers on Monday the Ma-le’l Dunes.

We stayed a short while on the beach.

Somebody left sand dollars in the dunes.

Every time we walk in the dunes different flowers are in bloom.

Tuesday evening, I saw another science fiction movie at the library. This time it was The Blob, a 1958 film.
The presenter talked about the making of the film and the main actors.
I did not walk on Wednesday since I had a meeting with my Advance Directive group. We met a Diana’s house in Loleta.
She lives on five acres in the middle of nowhere, in a forest. She had given us lengthy instructions to her place. Old barns, a cemetery, and a new orchard were places where we had to make turns.
Thursday, I went again to the Summer Concert at the bay.

A lady came with an Elf, a pedal and solar powered vehicle.

Kayaks were again in the bay and listened to the music. The had one little kayak with a grill. They cooked hamburgers.

Friday morning, I walked with the Ramblers at Patrick’s Point State Park. There was still fog on the water.

Saturday, I went to lunch with the widows and widower group. We enjoyed a meal at the Humboldt Smokehouse.
In the evening I danced at the lodge.
Sunday, I went for a walk and then worked on the motorhome. I am getting ready for the trip with Nicolette and Jacob.

I did my regular things this week. Friday, we celebrated Rodeo days at the Senior Center. Joann and I came in our western outfits and danced.

I got the motorhome and the car ready for our Oregon and Washington trip.