Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Eureka - March/April 2018

Today, we walked the Addie Johnson Trail in the Rockefeller Forest. Addie was the first white woman to die in this area. She was only 27 years old when she died.

The group met at the Target store in Eureka and we car pooled about 45 miles south to the Humboldt State Park.
People who live south of Eureka met us in Founders Grove.
In the evening I danced at the Moose Lodge. Many people were sick and there were only 49 dancers.

This was a strange week. It started fine but soon fell apart.
I must have picked up a bug while dancing on Monday. By Wednesday I did feel lousy.
Then Claudia called me and told me that Hanna was in the hospital with very little chance to make it.
Claudia had gone to Hanna’s house to pick her up for going shopping. There she found her mother unconscious. The hospital did not keep her long and send her home. Now Claudia and her friend sit with Hanna and try to comfort her. She can not eat or drink. The massive stroke stopped all brain functions.
I had gone to the Senior Center all week for lunch. Friday I barely made it. I did not want to miss the Easter Celebration, since they usually serve a very good meal and have chocolates.

After lunch I went back to the motorhome and stayed on the couch the rest of the day. Saturday and today were not different.
Hanna is still hanging in there.

Monday evening, I went only for a few minutes to the lodge and looked who was dancing. There were only 29 dancers. A lot of people are sick.
I spent most of my days on the couch.
Hanna died at home. Claudia is getting some deserved rest now.
I was sick while the weather was beautiful. Thursday I felt fine again and a giant rain storm arrived.
The Redwood Coast Music Festival started on Thursday. I went for the kick off dance at the Adorni Center.
The Zane Jr. High School Band was playing from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Stompy Jones was playing from 7:30 PM to midnight.

Friday it rained all day and night. I walked a bit at the Bayshore Mall. I did not feel like buying a ticket for the remainder of the Music Festival. They have venues all over town and shuttle buses are available. But I am still a little weak and do not feel like moving around in the rain.
Saturday afternoon I drove to the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary Interpretive Center to take part in the guided marsh tour. I checked out the inside displays and when I came outside the weather had changed. The sky was dark and it started to rain.
I went to my car and drove back to Eureka. There the weather was still fine.
At 5:30 PM I headed for Old Town. Today was first Saturday-Arts Alive. All the art galleries were open and there is always a lot going on.
I parked the car at the Northcoast Repertory Theater because I wanted to come back at 8:00 PM for a play.
I walked over to the Morris Graves Art Museum to check out the new art displays and listen to the band. Since the museum is this weekend one of the venues for the Music Festival the band was very good.
I left after a short while and headed for Old Town. I did not get very far when I noticed Doris getting out her car.
She was on her way to the Morris Graves, but needed to eat something because she had not eaten dinner yet. We stopped at the pizza place and from there went to the museum.
The Cocuzzi’s Quartet was doing a tribute to the Kings of Swing.

The Dave Bennett Quartet came next with a tribute to Benny Goodman.

The last band was the Kris Tokarski Sextet, they played until 10:00 PM.

Doris and I had enough time to tell each other our bad news. Her son was recently diagnosed with cancer and I told her about Hanna.

Today, Sunday, it did not rain. In the morning I walked the Hickshari Trail. In the afternoon I walked in Old Town.
The carriage driver was waiting for customers.

Spring is here. The ornamental plum trees are in bloom.

Monday was a busy day. In the morning I walked with the Ramblers the Riverside Trail in Fortuna.
We met at the River Lodge.

At noon I went to OLLI, where they had a lecture called: “From Farm to Hospital”. The food service manager of the Mad River Hospital explained how they are growing some of the food served in the hospital.
The hospital has plenty of land and started their own farm.
In the evening I went dancing at the lodge. We had 49 dancers. More people are recovering from the flu.
Tuesday evening I went to the library and saw the movie: “Little Ceasar” with Edgar J. Robinson as the gangster. The film was made in 1931.
Wednesday evening I went to Temple Beth El where they had Holocaust Day of Remembrance.
After the Rabbi gave a little speech, and the choir sang some songs they presented the movie: Marianne, One Emigrant Story.
Marianne was a small child when her parents sold their business in Germany in 1935 and moved to Switzerland and from there to Southern France.
They finally made it to the United States. It was an interesting story.  
Friday morning I walked with the Ramblers in the Arcata Community forest.

After the walk we had cake and coffee at Linda’s house. She lives near the trail head.
Saturday I went on to the Arcata Marsh Tour again. Leslie Scopes Anderson, the tour leader, was very good in explaining the flora and birds we saw on the tour.

I learn something every time I walk in the marsh.
Sunday it rained again. In the morning I walked for a while and when the rain increased I drove to the Grocery Outlet store to look around. I ended up getting a cart and buying forty dollars worth of groceries.
Since it rained it was a good day for cooking. I bought four pounds of corned beef and put it in the slow cooker.
At 2:30 PM I left for the Morris Graves Museum for Wine and Jazz. Unfortunately the Journal had the wrong schedule and little girls were dancing.
I went next door to the Eureka Theater where they played the movie: Big Trees, with Kirk Douglas. There was no entrance fee today, which surprised me. It was probably free because the outdoor scenes were filmed around Eureka.