Sunday, March 3, 2019

Eureka - March 2019

Friday morning I walked with the Ramblers on the Hikshari Trail. Only a few drops of rain fell on us.

Along the trail are signs displaying the history of this area.

I would have liked to dance at the Elks Lodge in the evening but Joan is still coughing and did not feel good.
Saturday early afternoon I went to the library and attended a lecture about the connection of Humboldt County with San Francisco. It was very interesting.
In the evening Joan and I went Down Town and visited some of the art galleries and museums which were open for First Saturday-Arts Alive. I behaved and ate only one cookie at two galleries. Some galleries sell wine but the sweets are free.
Sunday I went grocery shopping and walked near the zoo.

Monday was a busy day. In the morning I walked with the Ramblers at the Arcata Marsh. The weather was perfect.
After the walk I went to the OLLI Brownbag Lunch. The director of the Eureka Zoo was the speaker.
The zoo is located at Sequoya Park and partially surrounded by giant redwood trees. 
The zoo has funding to construct a canopy walk, eighty feet above ground, in a section of the park. The entrance of the canopy walk will be at the zoo.
The walk will be in operation in the summer of 2020.
I the evening I went dancing with Joan at the Moose Lodge. Joan liked the band and she actually stayed until 10:00 PM.
Tuesday was another rainy day. At the Senior Center we had a First Tuesday dance. Gary, Joann’s boyfriend came late and I was able to dance with her almost every dance.
My next stop was the Bayshore Mall where I walked.
Wednesday was another rainy day.
Thursday was a good day weather wise, but I did not feel very good. I called Joan and asked her whether she would like to walk with me. She was busy planting eight rose bushes and had no time for walking. It actually was fine with me. I took it easy all day.
Friday the sun was shining but I did not leave the house. I felt weak and my blood pressure was low.
Saturday it rained periodically. At 1:00 PM I attended the “Dump Movie with Smart People” at the library. The film was Dante’s Peak. A scientist from Humboldt State University was answering questions and made remarks after the film.
In the evening I danced at the Moose Lodge. I felt pretty good.
Sunday I walked with Joan in her neighborhood.

Monday the sun was shining all day. A lot of people were happy.
In the morning I walked with the Ramblers at the Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately, I saw only three white swans. There were hundreds of Canadian Geese though.

At noon I attended another Brown Bag Lunch which is presented by OLLI.
The subject was: “Zero Waste Humboldt”. Humboldt County is like an Island. We are too far away from any big city with Industry. To ship away plastic or glass for re processing would be too expensive.
A company in Arcata makes fancy, colorful dinner ware and other articles from recycled glass, but those are expensive, luxury items and they do not have a very large production and therefore do not use that much recycled glass.
Tuesday was an extremely good day. Joan invited me for a crab dinner at her house. Her son had brought her some of the creatures.
I never ate crab before and had told her that. To make sure that I had something to eat, in case I did not like the crab meat, she also had prepared shrimp and deviled eggs.
Joan showed me how to get the meat out of the body of the crab. Getting it out of the legs was easy. She had beaten the legs with a mallet.
I did not touch the shrimp and eggs. The crab meat with the wonderful salad was just perfect. I loved the meal.
She gave me crab for two more meals and the deviled eggs. When I got home I got the meat out of the body and legs and froze the meat.
I looked up recipes and will make a crab salad one day and crab patties another day.
Joan would be a perfect companion for me, she is a beautiful woman and I nice person, but like so many women she does not want to be in a relationship.
Wednesday was another sunny day. In the morning I drove to Arcata and met with my Advanced Directive group.
In the afternoon Joan and I walked the Humboldt Bay Trail.
Thursday, Joan and I walked in her neighborhood.
Friday evening I danced at the Elks Lodge. Joan will not dance anymore because she gets leg cramps. It is a shame; she loves to dance.
Saturday I walked in Old Town and stopped at the library. It is a beautiful building. The architect used a lot of redwood.

The Humboldt Room houses books and memorabilia from this area.

In the evening I went to the Northcoast Repertory Theater and saw Shakespeare’s play: “The Winter’s Tale”.
Sunday morning I had breakfast at the Moose Lodge. They served Swedish Pancakes.
In the evening I went to the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts. Mariachi Herencia de Mexico, a group of teenagers from Chicago, was performing. They put on a terrific show.