Monday, February 19, 2018

Mexico 2018-Week Three

The weather was super good today.
I walked on the beach while two workers removed the decals on my motorhome.
People in the high- rise resorts were sitting on their balconies.

Back at the motorhome the workers marked, with tape, the areas where they have to paint.
They also cleaned the areas. Now I have to wait until Wednesday. Tomorrow and Tuesday It will be windy and not ideal for painting.

Edgar, the manager of the campground, and his wife and their helpers, mostly family members, wash and wax about four motorhomes a day.

The wife also does hair cuts for men and women, and takes in laundry. She also takes care of their three sons. They are all hard workers. Pierre, Edgar’s nephew, takes care of the entrance gate. I see him early in the morning and late at night. 
Almost every WIN had some body work done on their cars and motorhomes.
My neighbor was grooming her little dog. He did not like it, but was sitting still.

In the afternoon I went back on the beach. There were not many people on our beach.

On the public beach were families and vendors selling ice cream and other items. Tomorrow that beach will be empty too.

A large group of WINs went late afternoon on a sunset cruise and whale watching. I have done that many times and stayed with the motorhome.

I got up at 12:30 AM and went outside and took the four flags down. The wind had come early and the flags made a lot of noise.
After Hugs and Mugs I walked to the Super Ley grocery store. It is about two miles one way. While walking on one of the dirt roads a young couple past me. The young man asked me in perfect English whether I was lost. I told him that I was on my way to the store. He mentioned that it would be safer to walk on the regular asphalt roads, less dogs and homeless people.
I told him that he must have lived in the US to be able to speak like that. He grew up in a small farm community near Fresno, California. He was, a short time ago, deported.
There are no jobs available in Puerto Penasco.  Young men come around parking areas with a bucket and a rag and try to clean cars.
His young children are citizen and stayed behind with their grandparents. His family sends him money.  
I wanted to buy only a few items in the vegetable and fruit section. I believe I had twenty pounds in my backpack when I walked back to the motorhome.
At 3:30 PM a group left for the Tequila Factory.

Fernando, the host, gave us a lecture about the production of this Mexican, alcoholic beverage.

Tequila is made from the heart of the agave plant. According to Fernando, tequila from the blue agave plant is the best.
Workers cut the leaves from the plant and then get to the heart.

The heart is then boiled under very high heat. The juice is then fermented.
Expensive tequila is aged in oak barrels for different durations. The price of the product is accordingly.
The fun started in the tasting room. I did not participate in the tasting, but learned a lot.

After the tasting most members of the group went to Luke’s for four dollar hamburgers. My passengers and I went home.
During the day there was not much wind; it picked up again in the evening.

Today we went to: “The Intercultural Center For the Study Of Deserts And Oceans. (CEDO).

Our first stop was the skeleton of a whale.

We took a group picture there.

From there we went for a lecture about the Sea of Cortez. We learned about all the living things in the water and the future of them. Less fresh water goes into the sea. The Colorado River has several dams and no sediment enters the sea and nutrients are lost. The trickle of fresh water which reaches the sea, is not enough and affects the salt level.

At the Visitor Center we learned about the mission of the center.

The center is also a botanical garden. They have beautiful sign marking the plants. The signs are made of concrete and have painted pictures of the plants on them.

After the CEDO visit my passengers and I went to the Kaffee Haus restaurant and ate lunch there. Most of the group went to the two dollar taco place.

Last night it was very cold. It was 41 degrees F. in the motorhome this morning.
By 9:00 AM is was warm again. It did not do much today.
The painter had told me to move the motorhome this morning near the office. I did this at 8:00 AM. Thirty minutes later five workers came and started setting up a paint shop and putting brown paper on the side of the motorhome.
They started spraying a base paint on all the bare areas.

Then the painter sprayed the blue areas.

Then the red ones.

We had collected over a thousand dollars to buy food for some of the poor people in Puerto Penasco.
Yesterday, Mark and a helper went to Super Ley and told them that we would buy 420 bottles of cooking oil, bags of flower, rice and beans.
The people at Super Ley told them that they would gather all those items during the night so we would not have to take them from the shelves in the store.
Two pick–trucks went today and picked up the food items.
At 3:00 PM we formed a loading line.
First, we got a shopping bag.                                                                                                                                    

Then we went to the truck with the oil and flower.

Then we went to the truck with the rice and beans.

The next step was to tie the shopping bag and hand it to the people on the two empty trucks.

It went pretty fast and after the work was done we gathered for a group picture.

On my way back to the motorhome I past the sea gulls which appear every afternoon and seem to sleep in the campground.

The motorhome was finished and I was relieved that it looked better than when the brown paper was still on the motorhome. With the paper on, the blue and red appeared to be real bright.
They did a real good job and the price was right. I paid $ 800.00.

In the evening we had a camp fire with dance. The group is getting smaller. Some people went further south, to San Carlos and some went back to the U.S. to join the main group or do other things.