Monday, January 25, 2016

Lake Havasu City - 2016

I left Quartzsite at 7:15 AM.  North of Parker I stopped at the La Paz County Park and emptied the holding tanks.
I did not get any water because a person, who came by, told me that the water is very bad. Since I still had forty gallons in the tank I followed his advice.
When I arrived at the Prospector RV Park in Lake Havasu City, our host for this outing, was in the hot tub. I went in the office and paid for dry camping. I got a good spot, right in front of the office.
We are nine WINs. The rest of the group went north of the city to a BLM area.
Dry camping costs ten dollars per day and we can use the swimming pool, hot tub, showers and TV room.
At the 4:00 PM meeting we decided to celebrate Diana’s birthday in a Mexican restaurant. It was highly recommended and we all liked the food and service.
The waitress brought Diana a small birthday cake. She shared it with us.


I did laundry before and during the 9:00 AM meeting. After the meeting I went to the London Bridge Visitor Center to get some information.

My next stop was the car wash. My car needed a lot of exterior cleaning. From there I went to the library.
Then I got some money at Wells Fargo. Back at the RV Resort I took a nap and then did some laps in the swimming pool and spent some time in the hot tub.   
After the 4:00 PM meeting the group went to a restaurant for dinner and dancing. I stayed in the meeting room and watched CNBC for a while. The stock market does not like me to be on vacation. Some of the stocks are very low and screaming:”Buy me, Buy me”.
I cooked a big dinner and enjoyed half of it.
This was a wonderful day. I am working on a little sun tan.


This was another fine day in the sun. The group took a boat tour to Copper Canyon and then went to the casino by boat to lose some money.
I had taken that boat tour before and will do it again with Doris.
I did the usual things today, library and swimming.


Today was an excellent day for hiking, and we did.
We hiked the Crack in the Mountain Trail, the locals call it SARA’s Crack. We were at the trailhead at 10:30 AM.

We saw some beautiful scenery.

It is not an easy trail. Diana could not continue because she has a phobia of tight spaces. She walked back to the trailhead with another woman, who was alone and decided not to go on.
We had to climb down a vertical wall and cross small pools of water. Karen goes over the bridge.

There were some narrow places.

When we came out of the slot canyon we could see the river in the distance.

We hiked past a rock formation with two windows.

After a while we took a rest.

On the way back we took a different trail and had lunch at a shady spot.

Joanne was in a hurry to get to the Dairy Queen ice cream place.

We made it and came back in one piece. The ice cream was well deserved.


Today I drove across the bridge and walked in the Bridgewater Channel Park.

After the bridge was reassembled, and the channel dug, the peninsula became an island. A tour boat came back from the lake.

This is one of the twenty lighthouses on Lake Havasu. They are actually navigation beacons for boaters.
The lighthouses are 1/3 scale replicas of U.S. lighthouses.

This was another wonderful day for the many dogs in the park and for people.

In the evening seven of us went to see the Havasu Follies. It is a variety show presented with local talent.
The entertainers are all over fifty years old.
It was a good show, but cannot be compared with the Palm Springs Follies. There the dancers and singers were retired professionals.


When I wake up in the morning I usually get to enjoy the desert sunrise.

I took some pictures of the Prospector RV Park. The cars and motorhomes have licenses from Canada and a lot of the Northern States.

They have a beautiful clubhouse.

The main room has several television sets.

The machines in the laundry room are the high efficiency kind.

I like the TV room. Since most people, who stay in the park, have their satellite dishes or pay for cable, a lot of times I get to watch my programs without anybody being there. In my motorhome I get ten antenna TV stations.

Upstairs is a large exercise room.

I love the swimming pool. Most of the time I have the pool for myself.

I like this picture. I copied it from a brochure.  


This morning I walked in the gated community across the street from the RV Park. I was able to get in when a car left the place.

There are some beautiful homes. Almost every home has two garages and one high garage for a motorhome.

After the 9:00 AM meeting I left for NAPA, the automobile parts place. There was no parking near the store. Every spot was taken for the next half mile. People were walking towards NAPA.
I parked near a little shopping center and walked back.
NAPA was closed, but the flea marked across the street was open. It was a large place and a lot of people were there.
Since I was in the neighborhood I went looking for things too. I bought $ 1.50 worth of stuff and a big bag of oranges for six dollars.

Then I drove to the London Bridge.

People were boarding the boat to the Indian Casino.

I walked under the bridge and along the channel. It was a perfect day for doing this. The temperature was 75 degrees F.

At the end of the channel are two lighthouses.

A man was feeding pigeons and seagulls.

A couple, in kayaks, had their dogs with them.

Later I walked on the bridge. The lamps are made from cannons of Napoleon’s army.

One has a good view from the bridge.

The English Village is not doing so well. Some of the stores are closed.

In the evening the wind picked up, it started raining and the temperature went down. A cold front is coming through.


It stopped raining during the night. The temperature is twenty degrees F. lower than it was yesterday, no more 75 degrees F. The mountains got a dust of snow. People here do not see this very often.

The sun came out occasionally today. In two days it will be warmer again.
Today is our travel day. The next stop is Parker, Arizona.
Everybody, except Ted and I, left Lake Havasu City. Ted is sick. He has a virus infection. I had something similar a week ago, but his is more severe. He went to see a doctor and got a  prescription for  antibiotics.
I like it here and will stay the rest of the week.


I did not do much today. Ted felt better and left for Parker. I am alone now.


Today I had lunch at the Senior Center, went shopping and picked up a fuse adaptor at NAPA. When I got back to the motorhome I tried to install it, unfortunately the part is bigger than the mini fuse and would not fit between the other fuses. I had to cut off a piece and in the process separated the metal behind the contacts.

I have to wait until I can solder it together again. Otherwise I am ready. The switch is installed.
After everything is completed I will not have to take off a panel and remove a tiny fuse when I am towing the car behind the motorhome.
The temperature rose a little bit today. It should be nice again tomorrow.


I am getting ready to leave Lake Havasu City. In the morning I did some house cleaning. I had lunch at the Senior Center and then had the engine oil changed in the car.
In the afternoon I did some grocery shopping.