Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year 2015

December 2015 was one of the wettest in Eureka. Sometimes I walk in light rain.
We had some sun between Christmas and New Year and I really enjoyed it.
On my morning walk I saw those Christmas decorations in the windows of a house.

I do not know what to call this vehicle. It is propelled with a lawn mower engine, and built with bicycle parts.

The marina and the bridge look a lot better when the sun shines.

The coast guard cutter came back from its mission.

The horse carriage came around the corner and I heard the coachman explaining why the railroad tracks are overgrown with weeds. There are some people in town who would like to get the railroad running again, but this will never happen.

At the gazebo a woman was feeding the pigeons.

New Year’s evening we spent with friends of Doris. On New Year’s day we went for dinner at the Elks Lodge. They had: “Cook your own steak”. The steaks are the best. Everybody cooks their own steak at the big outside grills.

Fifty five members of our dance club were there. After dinner we danced.

Yesterday was Art Walk, it is every first Saturday of the month. All the museums and art galleries are open in the evening. Most of them serve free hors d’oeuvres. 
At the Morris Graves Museum of Art a couple was playing popular music.

In some stores bands were entertaining the customers. Many stores in Old Town are open too.

The streets were almost empty when we decided to go home.

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