Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

We celebrated Clay’s birthday today. 


We had dinner at the Sea Grill today. It is a fancy dining establishment and we go there only for special occasions. Doris took me there after we met. This was my Christmas present for Doris. I hate to buy presents.
After the dinner we drove to the Carson Mansion and enjoyed the Christmas lights.

We also drove past Mary Beth’s house and checked out the decorations on her building. 

Then we visited the Eureka Inn and walked around the entrance hall and the bars. They have some wonderful light displays.


We had breakfast at Clay and Catherine’s house. Thomas’s half sister and her children were there too. It was time to open the presents.

Doris had bought a panda shirt at the San Diego Zoo. Kinley enjoyed it.

In the evening we had dinner at Doris’s house. We had worked for two days to prepare it. Doris backed three pies and one fancy cheese cake. We cooked the turkey yesterday and I cut the meat and we put it in a glass dish and heated it up today. There was also a ham. Besides mashed potatoes there were mashed sweet potatoes, vegetables and stuffing.

Claudia had her father in law, her mother, and mother in law and friend over for dinner. After dinner she came with her family to us for dessert.

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