Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 2016

We have a couple of nice days and a lot of rainy days now. I walk in the morning and last week I got wet one day.
I usually walk in Old Town and on the Board Walk.
On the day I saw the carriage and took pictures of the half boat seating area we had blue skies.

Another day I walked to the Henderson Shopping Center and saw this flowering tree. A lot of houses have security systems installed. Doris has one. The crime rate is very high in Eureka. The many homeless people contribute to this. Warning signs on fences are all over the place.  

Doris had her birthday this week. Her daughters had flowers sent to the house.

I took her to a restaurant for dinner.

On Saturday we went to Doris’s son and daughter in law for a birthday dinner and cake.


This week we had one wonderful, sunny day. A group of ladies took the opportunity and were exercising on the boardwalk.

Cherry trees are in bloom all over town.

The mood in the house was not that great this week. We went to court on Monday. Doris’s renter was not there and that would have been an automatic ruling in favor of Doris. Unfortunately Doris did not know that she had to file one more paper and the judge could not make a ruling.
Now she has to start again with a thirty day notice. She took a lawyer this time.
Yesterday evening we had some members of Doris’s University women Group and their husbands at the house for their monthly gourmet dinner. The theme was Italian.
We were twenty people.
We set up twelve chairs in the dining room.

Six and two chairs in the sun room. Doris and I ate at the little table.

There was plenty of food and well prepared. The women know how to cook. One lady brought home made olive bread.

March 31-2016.

Spring is definitely here. The trees are in full bloom.

This Rhododendron tree is especially beautiful.

For Easter, Doris had some of the family over for coloring Easter Eggs and for dinner. There were only two children. The baby was playing with her father and the little girl had fun. All the adults had to color at least one egg.
Claudia was busy with her in-laws and her mother. She had them at her house.

I love the neighbors lilac bush.

In Des Plaines we had a large lilac bush in the garden.
One day this week we went for: “Taste of Main Street”. Twenty six restaurants participated. Some places gave a good portion and at others it did not pay to go there. But since we did not know what they had we visited all of them but the last two.

There was also music.

The Temperature was pleasant this evening was pleasant and the bay was like a mirror.

March was a strange month. We had a lot of fun but there were also some setbacks. The Friendship Circle Dance Club got split in half. The Moose Lodge, where we danced, wanted everybody to become a member because of their insurance. Some of the members of the dance club found a new home at the Humboldt Hill Grange. The rest stayed at the Moose Lodge. Doris and I are members of the Moose and we could have stayed, but we went dancing at the Grange.
Now the group has to pay for two bands. Our group has the money from the Friendship Circle and the    $ 10,000 in the bank will last for a while.
It is a shame the way it played out. The group at the Grange say that the Friendship Circle has been in existence for over sixty years and they do not want to give up the name and become the Moose Dance Club. I actually do not care what it is called as long we have a place to go dancing on Monday.