Monday, February 23, 2015

Central Coast of California - February 2015

We woke up at 4:00 AM and left Oceanside at 4:35 AM. We were very lucky it did not rain while I disconnected the water and electricity and hooked up the car to the motorhome. While we were driving there was a light rain.
We had some slow spots in Los Angeles. In Oxnard we stopped at Costco and got some gasoline for the motorhome and stayed at the parking lot for eating breakfast and making us beautiful. In my case it was shaving and cleaning my teeth.
We arrived at the Elks Lodge in Santa Barbara at 9:00 AM, set up the motorhome and we were off to the Mission.

We took the museum tour, which went through the inside yard and cemetery.

The chapel is very beautiful.

After the tour we drove to the pier.

The dolphin fountain is dry. Throughout California many fountains have no water because of the water conservation efforts. 

On the pier are businesses.

Our next stop was Paseo Nuevo, a fancy shopping mall on State Street. We did not buy anything. We enjoyed walking though this beautiful, clean shopping area.

We are slowly moving north. On the coming Monday we should be home.
Doris’s children wondered whether Doris would murder me during this trip. The living in a small motorhome did not affect our relationship. We had a great time.
We are now in San Luis Obispo.
Today I had to show Doris the famous men’s restroom at the Madonna Inn. Like in so many places in California, water is being conserved and the waterfall at the urinal was not working, which took some of the beauty away.

The ladies restroom is actually very pretty.

The restaurant is very colorful.

From the Madonna Inn we went to the San Luis Pier. Very loud seals were greeting us.

We also went on the pier in Avila Beach.

The town is a small touristy place.

Our next stop was the Pismo State Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove. The Butterflies hang on the leaves of Eucalyptus trees.

Some of them came on the ground to mate.
We also went into town to walk on the pier and have some ice cream. Doris really surprises me. While we are traveling she does suggest to have chocolate and other sweets. When we come home it will be tough to get used to healthy living again.

Doris is intrigued by the Madonna Inn. We went back this morning and had their gigantic breakfast.

While waiting for our food we had a view of the flowers outside the window.

Doris asked for a box and took half of her breakfast home.It was too much food for her.
After breakfast we drove to Morro Bay and tried to spend some of the calories we absorbed.

First we went to the rock and watched a pair of Peregrine Falcons mating. They can do it in the open without having to be afraid of breaking a law.
Then we walked the whole length of the Embarcadero, absorbing the goings on. Fishing boats were leaving the harbor and people were shopping in the stores.

The Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle Avalon was parked on the side of the street and we checked it out. It is part of the museum now. It was built after the Tresher went to the bottom of the ocean and there was no way to rescue the crew.

Morro Bay is a beautiful little beach town. We also drove to the State Park and I showed Doris the sites I have stayed in over the years.
When we came back to San Luis Obispo Doris wanted to go back to the Madonna Inn and buy two pieces of Chocolate Black Forest Cake. We did and ate them at the motorhome.
When we are back home Doris has to spend one hour on the treadmill instead of the thirty minutes.

We arrived at the Elks Lodge in Salinas at 10:30 AM. After lunch we drove to Carmel by the Sea. Doris wanted to see “The Church of the Wayfarer”.  It is a little neighborhood church.

The church has some beautiful stained glass windows.

We walked along Ocean Avenue. Besides fancy stores there are also quaint little cottages.
I saw a beautiful jacket displayed in front of a store. It is reversible, the hood and both arms can be removed. The price was $ 20.00. I bought it. I also bought a regular embroidered shirt for $ 10.00.
Bargains like that I did not expect in Carmel by the Sea.

On the bottom of the street is a beach park. From there one can see Pebble Beach Golf Course.

On the way home we stopped at Carmel Mission.
It is one of the most beautiful missions in the California’s.

Pope John Paul II visited the mission in 1987.

Father Serra is buried in the mission.

He lived a simple life. His room was just like a prison cell.

Today we drove to Monterey. Our first stop was the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. On the wharf are stores and fish restaurants.

There are many sail boats in the harbor.

We walked to Cannery Row where we went to an antique store. We saw the sugar bowl for Doris’s china. I broke the lid and now we are looking for the lid or the bowl and lid. The price was $ 150.00. We have to look a little bit longer. Doris bought some wine glasses and a bowl.

In Pacific Grove we went to the Monarch Butterfly Preserve and saw a lot of Monarchs but since the sun had disappeared they were not showing their colors. They were huddling together to keep warm.
On the way home we visited the Point Pinos Lighthouse.

Doris had signed up, before she met me, to take care of a lighthouse for a month. I have a feeling we will be living in a lighthouse for a month in the near future.

The month of February is over and so is our six week vacation.
Today was a driving day. We left Salinas at 4:30 AM and arrived at the view point overlooking San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge, at 7:00 AM.
We ate our breakfast and enjoyed the view of the bay.

At 10:00 AM we were at the Elks Lodge in Ukiah. We took a short nap and then went to the Buddhist  Monastery  for a vegetarian lunch.
The prayer hall was filled with people chanting, so I did not take pictures.

Our next stop was Walmart and from there we went to the Solar Living Center. They did not have a guided tour today so we walked the grounds on our own.

Since we started early and it is a Saturday we had no problem going through San Francisco. This was the easiest I experienced.

We had good weather all the way to Eureka. There were no clouds in the sky.
A big pile of mail was waiting for Doris. I had only a few pieces of mail. Income tax time is here. After we clean the inside of the motorhome and get it to the storage place I have to work on my taxes.
This was a wonderful six weeks. Doris and I are very compatible and had no problems living in the motorhome. Doris enjoyed Quartzsite and is talking about going again there next year.
She also wants to go to the dance rally in Wickenburg, Arizona, in November.