Saturday, December 2, 2017

Eureka, December 2017

December 3, 2017.
Monday, we drove to Orick and walked along the Redwood Creek to the ocean. It was about a 2.5 miles one way.
Some of the group crossed the creek and walked on the beach to the large rock formations. It was a beautiful walk.

In the evening I danced at the lodge.

Tuesday, we had lousy weather.

Wednesday, I went to the last class of: “How to make an Advance Directive”. Five of us decided to keep in touch and have monthly meetings.
After the class I went to Costco and bought a large Combi Pizza. It is just as good as a Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut. I ate two slices at the store and put the rest in the freezer.

Friday, we went to Prairie Creek State Park and hiked the Foothill and Prairie Creek Trail.

We stopped at the Big Tree and ate our lunch.

Near the parking lot were two large male elks feeding on grass. The regular herd was at the little red school house.
Tourists stop when they see the large herd next to highway 101.

Saturday was another rainy day. Before lunch I went to the Humboldt Artisan Crafts and Music Festival at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds.

There were four stages where bands and groups performed.

Stefan and Becky are members of the Humboldt Folk Dancers. The perform dances from many countries.

On Sunday I had lunch at the Swiss Club. Normally I do not eat before dancing, but they served turkey with all the trimmings. This was the fifth turkey meal I had in the last three weeks. There may be one more before Christmas.
Students from the German class at the Arcata High School were serving the meal.

Erika got very close to Santa Claus.

December 10, 2017.
This week started with a cold night.
Monday morning, when I went to Clam Beach for a walk with the Ramblers, it was still 40 degrees F.
It was a beautiful morning though.

After the walk I went to OLLI for Brown Bag Lunch. The lecture was about reporting Elder Abuse.
In the evening I danced at the lodge. We had 65 dancers. Everybody loved the band. 

Wednesday, I walked with Janette’s group a trail in the Redwood Acres McKay Tract. She walks only one to one and a half hours in and around Eureka.

Friday, I walked with the Ramblers the Bull Creek Trail in the Rockefeller Redwood Forest. We gathered at Founders Grove and then drove over to Rockefeller Forest.

We walked along Bull Creek for an hour and then ate our lunch.

Trees had fallen across the trail. Clearance for the trail had been cut recently.

Saturday, I walked in Old Town and in the evening danced at the Moose Lodge.
Sunday was a day of rest.

December 17, 2017.
This was another week with decent weather.
Monday, we walked the Arcata Marsh area.
Friday, we walked on the dunes. In the wooded area we noticed this beautiful lichen on the side of the trail.

Somebody put up ropes to facilitate climbing up the dune.

We all made it back safe.

After the walk I went to the Senior Center where they had a Christmas celebration. They served a delicious ham meal.

Saturday, I went to Pierson’s hardware store to check out their Christmas decorations. The flower shop is spectacular.

Sunday evening, I went to Victorian Ferndale where they had a lighted tractor parade.
The Victorian Inn is a beautiful building from the late 1800s.
Main Street has some fancy buildings.
I did not stay for the parade, instead took pictures of the floats while they were lining up.
Ferndale is a dairy town.
This log cabin was made with noodles used for swimming.

December 24, 2017
Monday, we hiked again the trail along the Elk River in the Elk River Headwater Forest. It was a six-mile, moderate hike.

In the evening we danced to the music of Cadillac Ranch. Fifty-nine dancers were there.

Tuesday night was a dance at the Swiss Club. I would have liked to go, but is was raining so hard that I did not feel to leave the motorhome.
This was the same on Wednesday. It was nasty in the morning and in the afternoon the rain stopped. The lady who organizes the Wednesday walks is not bothered by the rain; she walks no matter how much it rains. I feel different.

Friday, we walked in the Arcata Community Forest. It was a four and a half mile walk. There were some hills to climb.

After the walk we were invited to Linda’s house. She lives five houses from the trail head. She served us coffee, cake, cookies and other sweets.

Lindi, who plays at the Swiss Club, was playing his accordion and Max, Joann and I were able to dance. This was fun.

Monday was Christmas Day. Claudia and her family and I went to Scott’s mother and her companion’s house for dinner. Laura and Peter had cooked prime rib and Claudia had cooked a small turkey. There was plenty of delicious food.
For dessert we had Peter’s special cheese cake.

December, 31, 2013.
This was the last week of the year.
On Monday we walked the Hammond Coastal Trail. It is an easy walk.

Friday, we hiked the Trilliam Falls Trail. This is one of my favorite hikes. We hiked 4.3 miles. There is an elevation change and it gave us a good workout.

While we were on the trail we met a man from Southern California. He had a drone with a camera and tried to take pictures from the bottom to the top of a giant redwood tree.
He had a problem with the branches though.

After the hike we ate our lunch at the picnic tables.

Sunday, we had our New Year celebration at the Moose Lodge.  Fifty people showed up, which was very good, with all the celebrations going on in town.
We started with a Pot luck dinner.

Then we danced to the music of the band Midnight Special.

Leona announced that this was the only time she would wear a skirt. She is one of the organizers of the dance at the Moose Lodge.

Twenty dancers stayed until 12:00 Midnight. I had only to walk two minutes to my motorhome. When I woke up in the morning I noticed two cars in the parking lot. The owners had enough sense to ride home with somebody else.