Saturday, October 7, 2017

Eureka - October 2017

October 8, 2017.
Monday morning, we hiked again the Ma-le’l Dunes.

At 12:00 Noon I attended a seminar about making an “Advance Health Care Directive”.
In the evening I danced at the lodge. We were 65 dancers and had a very good band.

Tuesday, we had Octoberfest at the Senior center. They served a bratwurst meal with German type potatoes and sauerkraut. Before lunch I danced with Joann for an hour. The band played a lot of waltzes.
In the afternoon I went to the court and asked them to post phone my jury duty since I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday. They will send me another Jury Summons in February next year.
When I came back to the lodge I moved the motorhome to a site with solid ground. It will start to rain pretty soon and the grassy area will be muddy.

Wednesday, I saw a nurse practitioner at the doctor’s office. She questioned why I use Lisinopril, since my blood pressure is fine. I told her about my little problem with one of my heart valves. She listened to my heart and then called the doctor to do the same. Both of them agreed that I have not much of a problem. They sent me to the lab to give some blood and a urine sample.
In the afternoon I walked with Joann in her neighborhood. She lives on the edge of town.

One of her neighbors builds statues with junk he finds.

Friday, I walked with the Ramblers the Tall Trees Trail in the Redwood National Park. We stopped at the Visitor Center to get an access permit for each of our five cars. We also got the combination for the lock on the gate.
The trail has a 600 feet elevation change. Unfortunately, we walked down first and then had to come up. I like it the other way around. It was a wonderful hike though. We met two separate German couples on the trail, and three Russian young men. It was a 4.5 mile round trip.

On a log were mushrooms.

Saturday was Harvest Festival in Fortuna. I went to three of the venues. Main Street was closed for motorized vehicles. There was a band and a lot of booths, selling all kind of wares.

Hay Rides were available for going to the different locations.

From Main Street I walked to Rohnert Park where they had more booths. Then I drove to the Clendenen Apple Orchard where the Del Rio Band was entertaining the visitors. The orchard had free apple cider tasting and they sold apple dumplings, juice, cider and apples.

In the evening I danced a the lodge.
Sunday afternoon, today, I went to the Ferndale Repertory Theatre and enjoyed the play: “Little Shop of Horrors”.
I never saw the movie, and never before the play. It was a fun filled two hours. Ferndale is a wonderful little Victorian town.

October 15, 2017.
Monday, we walked from Clam Beach to Moonstone Beach. The beach is located north of McKinleyville.
We were lucky and had no wind.
The Geezers, another walking club, were walking at the same time, but they walked south while we walked north.

Thursday, I picked the last apples I can reach with a six foot stepladder. The deer ate the lower apples and the middle apples are mine. They are not as pretty and uniform as the apples in the stores, but they taste a lot better. The lodge has three large trees.

It is a lot colder now and I have to wear a light jacket when I am walking. Wednesday, we had some rain.

Friday, I walked with the Ramblers the Berry Glen Trail. It was 2.5 miles up. The change in elevation was 1200 feet.

 I did some puffing. It was a wonderful hike. Coming back was easier.

We ate our lunch at the Lady Bird Johnson Grove.

Saturday morning, Humboldt Fire had Open House. I went on the guided tour.

The fire fighters cook their own meals.

Because of the open house the dining room was messed up.

The living room has comfortable chairs and a large television set.

For privacy the people on duty have the beds in small cubicles.

All the fire fighting equipment was on display, including this 1903 steam powered, horse drawn, pump. It is a museum piece now.

Children could learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

Besides cookies, popcorn, and soft drinks they also had hot dogs.

The fire engines were outside and the big garage was used for checking children’s car seats, information about smoke detectors and other safety items. There were several tables staffed with people who answered questions about fire safety. On all the tables were candies. I believe there were many children going home with a sugar high.

In the afternoon I went down town to the Clark Museum. The city of Eureka had the Grand Opening of the Eureka Visitor Center.

It was smoky outside. There was a large BBQ where they cooked hamburgers.

The band played good dance music. Nobody was dancing.

Sunday, I took it easy, went to Walmart and then walked a bit. The rest of the day I stayed home.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Eureka - September 2017 (2)

September 24, 2017.
Monday, we hiked the Hammond Trail in McKinleyville. It is an Urban Trail. At the start of the hike it rained a bit and only six people showed up. After a while it cleared up.

In the evening, I went dancing at the lodge.
Tuesday, I enjoyed the Chinese Acrobats at the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts.
Friday, I hiked the Trillium Falls Trail with the Ramblers. The fall is very small but the scenery was almost like at the rain forest in Washington State.  The weather was fantastic. We were twenty hikers.

Saturday, I went to the Arcata Marsh and Wilderness Sanctuary in Arcata.

 I joined the ninety minute guided walk.

The marsh is a component of the City’s wastewater treatment facility. A series of ingeniously constructed ponds treat the water naturally with less reliance on chemicals.

A large flock of small birds entertained us by flying in formation over the pond back and forth.

In the evening, I went to the North Coast Repertory Theater for the play “Arcadia”. It is going to take some time for me to digest the play. It was not easy to follow the action.  
Sunday, I drove to Patrick’s Point State Park in Trinidad for Sumeg Village Days.
The Yurok Tribe built several houses on Park land to show how members of the tribe lived in the past.
Today, there were traditional cooking demonstrations, displays of baskets and craft items. A young Yurok and his daughter were giving information about Yurok life and answering questions.

Young ladies were modeling their dance costumes. Some of the dresses weigh forty pounds.

My next stop in the park was Wedding Rock, and there was a wedding. The bride and other young ladies wore high heel shoes. It is a mystery to me how they walked on that rough trail.

September 30, 2017.
Monday, I walked with the Ramblers in the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is on the Pacific Flyway and birds use this refuge as a stop-over where they rest and replenish energy reserves.
Other birds spend the winter here and some use the refuge for nesting.
Our next stop was the Hookton Slough Trail, which is part of the refuge. There we walked three more miles. The weather was fantastic. The rainy season will start soon.

Wednesday, I walked the first time with the Wednesday Walkers. They walk only an hour and usually in or around Eureka.
We walked Cooper Gulch Park and Myrtle Grove Memorial Cemetery. Those two places are side by side.
In the park are steel cages on posts. Frisbee players use them. Instead of a golf course it is a frisbee course.

The cemetery has gravestones from the 1800s. It was another seldom summer day. The temperature went up to 81 degrees F. which was a record for this time of the year.

Friday morning, I walked for an hour with the Ramblers. We walked at the Elk River Headwater Preserve. This trail is very easy at the beginning and after three miles it gains elevation.
Since this area seldom gets frost the fall colors are not that spectacular.

The river does not have much water right now. The Forest Service built benches from a fallen tree.

I rushed back to town while the rest of the group went on. The Accordionaires were playing at the Senior Center before lunch. It was birthday celebration day for the month of September.  I did not want to miss this. There was dancing. The Accordionaires played a lot of German songs.

Saturday, I went to the Oktoberfest in Fortuna. The Accordionaires and the Scotia Band were providing the music. Some dancers of the Monday dance club where there and we did some dancing and took a polka lesson.

I stayed two hours and then went to the Greek Festival in Eureka. I wanted to eat some Greek food.
There was dancing too. It was not ball room dancing though.

Claudia and Scott lived next to the church when they were younger. The house was too small with two children.

Sunday, I walked a bit down town and the rest of the day I cooked and rested.