Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WIN Thanksgiving 2011

We left Carlsbad at 9:00 AM and arrived at Peg Leg Smith’s Monument, near Borrego Springs, at 12:45 PM.
In Santa Ysabel we stopped at Dudley’s Bakery and bought some bread and some goodies.
In Borrego Springs we stopped at Gary Magee’s house and filled up the fresh water tank.
There were already a lot of WIN’s at Peg Leg Smith when we arrived.
We attended the 3:30 PM Circle Meeting and checked out the schedule for the next few days.
It was warm today in the desert, but it cools off as soon as the sun disappears.
Since we can not get any TV reception with the antenna we listened to Garrison Keilor CD’s in the evening. It is always fun to hear the new from Lake Wobegan.

After Hugs and Mugs Doreen and I went to buy a bag of grapefruit and look at the new statues.
I think the jeep is new.

The Loch Ness Monster is the largest statue so far. It is probably 300 feet long and starts on one side of the highway and continues on the other side.

Our next stop was at the library where I did my computer work. From there we went to the State Park Campground where I had to get some information.
On the way home we stopped at Ron Carlson’s house. He was not home. I called him and he was at the ranch. We drove there and stayed with him for a while. He made some changes.
The motorhome is now at a different place and he has now an outdoor wood fired heater and installed a television set in one of the sheds.
He is making a little paradise out of the ten acres he owns out there.

On my morning walk I took a picture of the Peg Leg Smith marker and some from the hill near the motorhomes.

After breakfast we went to the Christmas Circle where they had a farmers market.

The library was not open yet, but I was able to get my E mail from the outside of the building.
From there we visited the State Park Visitor Center and saw two short movies.
In the evening we drove to Ocotillo Wells for star gazing. Since the moon was only a small sliver it was a perfect night to look at the stars through a good sized telescope.
The female ranger also explained how the stars were created and showed slides. There was no cost and we were told to bring thermos cups for free coffee and hot chocolate.
We had brought also jackets which we did not use since it was not cold. This was a pleasant evening.

This morning I prepared a large bowl of broccoli salad for the turkey dinner.
After hugs and mugs we set up our own tables.

We are now about 55 WINs, which means about 52 motorhomes and trailers.
Linda Scott came in yesterday. It was not a good day for her. When she made the turn from San Diego County Road 22 to Henderson Canyon Road, she heard a person blowing his car horn. She looked and saw her car going to the side of the road. She was dragging the bumper from the Scion behind the motorhome.
She was lucky it happened only a few hundred feet from Peg Leg Smith.

At 1:00 PM we had our turkey dinner. We were worried that it would be too hot sitting in the sun. But the temperature was perfect.
The food was delicious and everybody had a good time.

When we were finished eating, the wind came up . The sun shades had to be removed in a hurry.
Back at the motorhome I lowered the solar panels and brought the flags down.
Dark clouds are hanging on top of the mountains. I hope they stay there.
Some of my favorite people are not here. There are a lot of new members of the WINs at this outing.

In the morning we went to town where I had an ice cream and Doreen an orange juice and some sweets.
From there we drove to the area where there are some new sculptures.
At 1:00 PM we had turkey leftovers.
Today we had perfect weather, no wind and it was just a pleasant lazy day.
In the evening I deleted the pictures I took today. It was a stupid mistake.

Today I went all the way up the hill. The view was fantastic.

After hugs and mugs we went again to the new area and took the pictures I deleted last night.

The group is heading east and we are going west. We have several Christmas parties to attend.
In January we will meet them again in Quartzsite.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Convair Camping Club Thanksgiving 2011

We are at the Chula Vista Marina and RV Resort for the next three days.
After Happy Hour the group went to The Galley for dinner. Doreen and I stayed at the motorhome.

On my morning walk I went to the little pier at the marina. I was able to see the Coronado Bridge, through the haze, in the distance.

After breakfast we went into town, to Walmart. Doreen had to make some purchases.
When we came back I went to the swimming pool and did some laps and took a shower.
At 3:00 PM everybody brought their stuff for the auction. George had made some cute toilet paper holders.

At 4:00 PM the women started preparing for the turkey dinner.

At 4:30 PM we started lining up for some delicious food.

There was plenty to eat.

After dinner Howard auctioned off all but two items. He was very successful. Doreen’s lamp went for $ 30.00 and her ironing board for $ 6.00. The money goes in the club fund.
There were a lot of laughs and we had fun.

On my morning walk I saw this lady feeding the birds.

At the RV Park is this motorhome with a veranda. The rig has two large sliding doors, just like in a regular house.

We went with the group to The Gally for breakfast. They serve good food.

For dinner we had leftovers. There was plenty of turkey meat left.
We had our monthly meeting after dinner and then Bill showed pictures of their trip to Costa Rica.
After a while people played cards and we went back to the motorhome.

This was a wonderful outing. We had 13 rigs. I was able to swim everyday.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bergie's Celebration of Life (2011)

We celebrated today Bergie’s life. He died a few days ago.
The Bay Club Marina and Hotel on Shelter Island were the perfect setting.
Bergie Bergen was not only a very good engineer: he was also a good person.
The group of friends from Convair gets smaller every year.

San Diego water front.

Pacific Portal.