Monday, November 14, 2011

Convair Camping Club Thanksgiving 2011

We are at the Chula Vista Marina and RV Resort for the next three days.
After Happy Hour the group went to The Galley for dinner. Doreen and I stayed at the motorhome.

On my morning walk I went to the little pier at the marina. I was able to see the Coronado Bridge, through the haze, in the distance.

After breakfast we went into town, to Walmart. Doreen had to make some purchases.
When we came back I went to the swimming pool and did some laps and took a shower.
At 3:00 PM everybody brought their stuff for the auction. George had made some cute toilet paper holders.

At 4:00 PM the women started preparing for the turkey dinner.

At 4:30 PM we started lining up for some delicious food.

There was plenty to eat.

After dinner Howard auctioned off all but two items. He was very successful. Doreen’s lamp went for $ 30.00 and her ironing board for $ 6.00. The money goes in the club fund.
There were a lot of laughs and we had fun.

On my morning walk I saw this lady feeding the birds.

At the RV Park is this motorhome with a veranda. The rig has two large sliding doors, just like in a regular house.

We went with the group to The Gally for breakfast. They serve good food.

For dinner we had leftovers. There was plenty of turkey meat left.
We had our monthly meeting after dinner and then Bill showed pictures of their trip to Costa Rica.
After a while people played cards and we went back to the motorhome.

This was a wonderful outing. We had 13 rigs. I was able to swim everyday.

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