Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yuma -Arizona 2015

We arrived at the VFW in Yuma at 12:00 noon. After setting up the motorhome we went to the library and then to Walmart.
When we came back we danced for an hour. They have, at the VFW, a dance with live music every day from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

In the evening we walked about the area for a while and met Rudy and his new girlfriend. They had a campfire going. We stayed with them for a while.
There are three WINs at the VFW. So far I met only Sharie.

This was a super day. We went for lunch across the border, to Los Algodones.

Doris bought six bottles of vanilla, and a fancy table cloth. Then we went to the Paraiso restaurant and had lunch.

Doris started lunch with a big Margarita.

There was a band and some people danced. We danced twice after the meal.

The pet turtle or desert tortoise crossed the dance floor.

We went some more shopping but did not buy anymore stuff.

It went pretty fast to go through customs. We had to wait only thirty minutes.
When we got back to the motorhome we took a nap and then went dancing at the VFW.
In the evening I cooked red cabbage and mashed potatoes and Doris made breaded pork shops and gravy. She beat the heck out of the meat with the bottom of a glass bottle. Without the proper tools we have to be inventive. It was a meal fit for a king.
It was actually too big of a meal for dry camping. We used almost all the pots in the motorhome and we had a lot of dishes to clean.
Doris has not much experience in dry camping. When she takes a shower and washes her hair, water consumption goes up and naturally the grey water tank fills up fast.
When she was in her rig she always went for hook ups.

We did some sightseeing today. We left the motorhome and stopped at a tiny church which somebody built in memory of his deceased wife.

We also stopped at the farm store not very far from the church and had a date shake and Doris bought two dinner plates for her regular set. Now she has enough of them. I wish we could find a sugar bowl lid. I broke it awhile ago. It fell on the granite counter and went to a thousand pieces.
From there we went to Imperial Date Garden and bought eleven pounds of dates. I did this last year too and was eating dates for a year.
Our next stop was the Arizona Market Place. It is a covered place where vendors have booths. I bought a pair of tennis shoes and Doris a couple of small items.

Doris was trying out a machine which vibrates the whole body and the vendor claimed that this cures a lot of illnesses.

When we came back to the motorhome we went dancing. There was a small group of WINs.

The band played music for one line dance.

Most people watch the dancers and listen to the music.

Today we had some time to sit in our chairs and read.

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