Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas at the Carson Mansion 2015

Christmas is around the corner. The neighbors have already decorated their front yard.

We went today to the Ingomar Club, at the Carson Mansion, for the Eureka Historical Society Christmas Luncheon.

Eureka business men bought the mansion from the Carson family and formed the Ingomar Men’s Club.
It was strictly a club for men until a few years ago. Now women comprise thirty per cent of the membership.
The building was standing empty for many years and needed a lot of work to bring it back to its original shape.
I used to come to Eureka twice a year and would admire the outside of the mansion. There are no regular tours, only when there is a function in the building.
We had a terrific lunch. I had the salmon dinner and Doris the steak dinner.

While we were eating Chuck was entertaining us. He is known around town. On Monday’s we see him at the Friendship Circle dance. He plays the saxophone in the band. He also plays the piano at the senior center sometimes at lunch time.

The large dining room and the bar are additions to the building.

After lunch Ron and his wife conducted a tour. I decided to do it again.
There are some beautiful stained glass windows.

Most of the rooms are furnished to fit the clubs needs. The former ball room is now a pool room.

The servant rooms have been changed, except one.

One room is the Carson history room. Items from the family are on display.

The view from the tower is spectacular. On a sunny day it would have been better. Right now we have typical Eureka weather. It rains a lot.
Mr. Carson could see from this spot his lumber mill, the trains coming in, and the Carson Block, his giant commercial building in town.

The family dining room has some beautiful wood work.

Doris and I had come separately because in the morning she went to an affair with the University Women’s Organization.
We met at home again, changed clothing and drove to the Fairgrounds for a Craft Show. Doris buys some of her Christmas presents there.

From there we went Down Town for “Arts Alive” which is held the first Saturday of the month. We met Claudia and her friend there, later I saw my grandchildren and their friends. It was raining lightly, but that did not stop the activities.
The art studios and some stores were open late. At 8:00 PM we had enough and went home.

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