Monday, August 11, 2008

August 2008

John Hartsell and I went to the Convair Tooling Luncheon in Santee. We rotate with the driving. With the high gasoline prices that helps.
During the summer months not many people show up, there were only eight of us.

I was at Tamarack Beach at 4:30 AM. After leveling the motor home I went back to bed.
When I got up I took a long walk.
Doreen came at about 10:00 AM. We did some reading and I did some girl watching.
After my dip in the ocean I took the BBQ out and cooked late lunch.
It was a beautiful day. There was a light breeze coming from the water and is was a pleasure sitting outside under a tree.

Today was our indoor camp-out with the Convair Camping Club. In August we always go to a restaurant. This year we went to Mimi's in Santee.

Today was free movie night at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park.
Before the main attraction they show a "The Cisco Kid" short movie. The main feature was "Bowery to Broadway.
It is an outdoor affair, and we had dinner on the lawn. We brought our own food.

We celebrated Sandra's birthday today. Doreen had bought steaks and Steve, Sandra's boyfriend, brought Salmon. Regie and his wife Leslie brought the birthday cake.
The last few days I have been painting the outside of the house, today I took a rest.
I think Regie enjoyed his rest too. He has been busy lately.

Another movie night at the Leo Carrillo Ranch. Tonight's movie was Escape from Hong Kong. And there was of course another "The Cisco Kid" movie.

The Shanty Shakers had their monthly breakfast meeting at the Denny's Restaurant in El Cajon. Since we are not camping at the moment, we at least get a chance to talk about it.
14 of the member families had gone to Gillette, Wyoming, for the Escapade. They had a lot of fun.
On the way home we stopped at Janie's house and had a short visit with her. She was an apprentice at Convair and spent some time in most departments. She also came for a month to us in Manufacturing Engineering.
She is busy now making eggs similar to the Faberge eggs. Some are very fancy with doors, and stuff inside.

We spent another evening at the Leo Carrillo Ranch. Horror Island was the movie.

There are many peacocks on the ranch and they are looking for hand outs.

The month is almost over. Next month we will spend some time in the motor home.
In the last few weeks I painted the outside of house and cleaned all the windows. I am running out of work. It is time to get on the road.