Monday, September 29, 2014

Oceanside - October 2014

I left the Santa Ana Elks Lodge at 3:00 AM and arrived at the Oceanside Elks Lodge at 4:17 AM.
I parked the motorhome in the parking lot and went back to bed. Later I paid for a site and moved to this site.
After lunch, at the Senior Center, I visited friends in Carlsbad.

This morning I walked to one of my favorite places in Oceanside. It is the Oceanside Pier.

We have a Santa Ana condition. The wind comes from the desert and near the water the temperature is just perfect. There were not many people on the beach that early.

The beach cleaner was making his rounds.

At the end of the pier is Ruby’s restaurant. From the restaurant one has a good view of the beach and the ocean.

In the afternoon I did a load of laundry and did some reading.

I had an 8:30 AM appointment at Kaiser for an ultra sound. When I was finished I got a flu shot. Then I drove to Santee and met some of my former workmates. George Vollmer was there with his caretaker.
We had a wonderful lunch at Hometown Buffet. I love their broiled chicken.

In the afternoon it did minor repairs on the motorhome. 

This morning I walked all the way to the Oceanside Harbor. I took me one hour walking in a good pace.
Part of the way I used the San Luis Rey River Trail. It is both for walking and biking. Amtrak and the Coaster train came by.

There was not much traffic in the harbor. All the stores and restaurants were still closed. I would have liked to reward myself with an ice cream. 

In the evening I went to the Elks Lodge in Encinitas. There I met friends for dinner. They had pot roast on the menu. I ate the salad and the soup at the lodge and took the pot roast, potatoes and vegetables home.

Yesterday was another hot day. I walked in the evening when it had cooled off a bit.
On my walk I came by the Boys and Girls Club where young Mexican adults were playing soccer. The teams had both, men and women. It was obvious, they had played the game for a long time.
They were really good.

I also encountered soccer players in parks and in front yards. The neighborhood near the lodge is mostly Mexican.
Today I had breakfast with Jim Mousel at Rudford’s in San Diego. I had the waitress take two pictures of us. I did not check the pictures right away and later I noticed there were no pictures on the camera.
On the way home I visited Doris and Jim Bower. It is always nice to see them.

When I returned back to the motorhome I turned on the air conditioner and took a nap. Then I wrote letters.
At 3:30 PM I drove to the shopping center and took the free shuttle bus to the Oktoberfest in Carlsbad.

Tip Top Restaurant and Delicatessen served Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and German Potato Salad. I had eaten already and did not have to stand in a long line for food.

The mayor of Carlsbad gave a little speech.

Three little girls were handing out flyers for the Nutcracker Ballet.

At 5:00 PM the German band started playing. I listened for an hour and when the Rock and Roll band came up I went on the bus and headed for home.

This day started as a super day. I made potato pancakes with apple sauce for breakfast. I usually have this for lunch, but today I enjoyed them for breakfast.
When I checked my E mail there was an earth moving letter for me.
I was floating on air, even with my belly full of pancakes.
At 8:00 AM I started my morning walk, I was late because of the cooking. When I came past the Senior Center I saw a person, with a bicycle and a little two wheel trailer attached to the bike, throwing something in an opening of the bushes. I stooped and looked because I thought the person was dumping something. The person saw me and said:”It is tough to be homeless”. All I could say:”I know”. Which is not true because I was never homeless. I kept on walking. Then I turned around and said:” Sir, may I ask you a question? The answer was: Yes, and I am a woman”. I excused myself and asked her why a young, intelligent person like her is homeless. She told me that she has a job, but cannot get a decent place to live because of her two dogs. She told me that she will not give up her dogs.
I could not say anything anymore.
Two years ago I had found out that I am worth less than a dog, and I was hurting up to a few weeks ago.
I did not walk my regular route, I just kept walking and thinking. I found a dime on the side walk. For me it is difficult to understand why a person would sleep in the bushes next to the noisy Interstate 5, and have no bathroom and other conveniences.
When I got back to the motorhome Margie brought my book back. She was a WIN and is here for a few days. She has relatives in the area. Until a few weeks ago she had two dogs. She had to put one down. It was her late brother’s dog, so it was hurting twice as much.
She loves her dog.
I asked her whether I am a bad person because I could not understand the women’s point. She did not think so. She told me it is not easy to have a dog with the WINs lifestyle. I knew that already because I have seen what happens when we go on all day trips.
In the afternoon I drove to Walmart. They have now parking in the shade. Part of the parking lot is covered with solar panels.

On my morning walk I went through the Mexican neighborhood. The grocery truck was making its rounds.

There was a baptism this weekend at this house. 

At this house was a lot of stuff on the house and in the yard.

Oceanside has a large Mexican population. Strong and bright colors are everywhere.

With Camp Pendleton next door to Oceanside there is also a strong Marine presence. Marines retire here. This store sells wares for marines.

Today I had an appointment with the optometrist. My vision has hardly changed, but I ordered a new pair of eye glasses since I get one pair for free every two years.
Then I had a two hour lunch with Gary Magee at the Island restaurant in Kearney Mesa. We had a lot to talk about. 

I started walking at 7:00 AM. Rainclouds were in the sky. Interstate 5 was not busy yet.

Oceanside has a wonderful Transit Center. Next to the train station is the bus depot. There was not much action this early.

I walked along the strand.

Vacation homes are next to the beach.

This is a colorful walkway.

After my walk I went to Pep Boys and bought motor oil, and got a haircut at the barber shop next door.
After lunch I went to Lens4Less and ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses.
From there I drove to Membership Services at Kaiser in San Marcos. I knew already the outcome, but I tried anyway. I have to change my health care provider in November.
I hate to do this but I want to live in Eureka.  

This morning I went to the San Diego Air and Space Museum. The first airplane one sees is the Convair Seadart. It was a fighter plane able to land on water. After one crashed the project was aborted.

The Blackbird is one of the best looking airplanes and the fastest.

The San Diego Aerospace Industry employed a lot of people.

Reuben H. Fleet was the founder of Consolidated Aircraft which later became Convair.

Two of the major drone manufacturers are located in the San Diego area.

The Spirit of St. Louis was built in San Diego.

The PBY-5A Catalina was a product of Convair.

From the second story of the museum one has a good view of the city.

The museum is located in Balboa Park. I love to walk in the park. On weekends are street entertainers on the Prado. Today were only tourists enjoying the sights and weather.  A German couple was arguing about taking a picture. I told them in German that arguing is not allowed in Balboa Park. They laughed and we had a short conversation. The Botanic garden was closed today.

The fountain and the fish pond are main attractions.

There are several smaller fountains.

At the Old Globe Theater were seminars going on.

I had lunch at the El Indio Restaurant.  I enjoyed the food but it was no fun being by myself.

On the way home I drove to my old neighborhood. I visited my former neighbor Dixie. Gene had died a few years ago. He was the best neighbor. Dixie is busy with her knitting and office work.
My next stop was Aaron Robert’s home. Helen informed me that Aaron is in a Medical Care facility. He had part of his leg removed.
I visited him. He had just finished a physical therapy session.  He needed the operation because the leg was poisoning his whole body. 

On my morning walk I saw this hawk enjoying a meal. A murder of crows was circling overhead and it looked like they tried to disturb the hawk’s breakfast.

This was an unusual sight. Young people were cleaning the sidewalk and the street.

Surfers were already in the water.

Every morning I walk past this small park.

I met John Grier for lunch down in San Diego. I had my camera in the back pocket, but we talked and talked and I forgot to take a picture.
On the way home I took the coast highway. It was a perfect summer day, in the fall. People enjoyed the beach.

Young men were playing soccer.

Back at the lodge I saw those two old timers. The red one is an Oldsmobile and I believe the black car is a Dodge.