Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lake Havasu City 2017

January 30, 2017.
I left Quartzsite at 9:30 AM and arrived at the Prospectors RV Park, in Lake Havasu, at 12:00 Noon. I had stopped at the La Paz County Park and emptied the holding tanks.
Since I came one day early I got a good parking spot. The owner of the RV Park lets us dry camp for
$ 10.00 a day. We can use the swimming pool, showers and club house.
After setting up the motorhome I went swimming and took a shower. The refrigerator needed de-frosting. When I was finished I went to Walmart and spent $ 75:00 on groceries.
Since everything was so expensive in the grocery store in Quartzsite I used up all my reserves. Now I filled up again the freezer, refrigerator and the cupboard.
The weather is fantastic. I wore shorts today.

January 31, 2017.
Today I got a haircut and did more shopping. At the 4:00 PM meeting we decided what to do the rest of the week. Since it is warmer now we changed the meeting time to 5:00 PM.

February 1, 2017.
We visited Oatman today. It is an old mining town. The mines are gone, but the burros stayed.

Burros are a big reason tourists come to Oatman. The animals come to town in the morning and expect to be fed. Stores sell hay pellets and other items for feeding the beggars.

The little ones get tired and sleep on the side of the street.

Bill bought burro food and was surrounded by his temporary friends.

One burro stood at the entrance of a store and was waiting for something.

The Oatman Hotel claims that Clark Gable spent his honeymoon at the hotel.

Every Western Town has a gun fight, so does Oatman.

After the 5:00 PM meeting we had soup and ice cream. The ice cream was left over from the ice cream social in Quartzsite. Joann made a pot of chicken soup and brought it to the meeting.

February 2, 2017.
Jill, Donna and I went sailing with George today. Instead of a car he is towing his twenty five foot sail boat.

We had some wind when we started and then had a lull period. This was time for snacks.

At the end the wind picked up again and we had some fun.

The group went hiking today. They hiked Sarah’s Crack.
February 3, 2017.
This was a super day. We took the Jet Boat up the Colorado River, through Topock Gorge, to the Pirate Cove Resort.
The weather was perfect.
We started at the London Bridge.

The guide made us aware of the bullet holes on the bridge, caused by a pilot in a spitfire chasing another pilot in a Messerschmitt fighter.

We passed English Village.

On the way we saw one big male Big Horn Sheep. Unfortunately it was too far away and sitting in the shade. The picture did not come out very good.

We went under the remaining part of the old Route 66 bridge.

At Pirate Cove everybody went to the restaurant for lunch. I went exploring .

The seaplane is out of commission.

On the way home we stopped to see Indian head. Indian folklore said when the Indian has his eye open there is safe passage on the river. If the eye is closed there is trouble. I suppose if there is bad weather and there are dark clouds the eye is not visible. We saw the eye very clearly.

The praying Indian was just around the corner.

In the evening some of us went to Turtle Bay for dinner and dancing. I went later, only for the dancing. It was a waste of time. There were more than twice the number of men than women. I  danced only two dances and went home.
The Carrot Heads, a local chapter had their meeting at the restaurant and were of course very vocal after having some drinks. They are fans of Jimmy Buffet, and the music was accordingly his music.

February 4, 2017.
This morning we had breakfast at the fire department. They moved the fire engines outside and had chairs and tables for over one hundred people in the building. Pancakes and biscuits with gravy were on the menu.
They had a lot of customers, but the volunteers had everything under control and it went smoothly.

My next stop was the Health Fair at the Aquatic Center. I picked up some information about heart valves.

Then I did two loads of laundry and went swimming.

My neighbor has a 1951 Ford pick-up truck. He installed a newer Oldsmobile motor and transmission and the windows are all electric. Only the shell is still from Ford.
He travels in a converted bus and pulls a twenty five foot long trailer.

We ate the rest of the ice cream after the 5:00 PM meeting.

February 5, 2017.
On Sundays there is a large flea market in town. Vendors sell produce, clothing and everything else.
I bought a few small items and a large bag of oranges.

Since I have not been to an In-N-Out Burger place for a long time and probably will not see one again the next few months I walked over to the restaurant and had a burger meal. In-N-Out burger is a California company, and most of the restaurants are there. There are a few restaurants across the border in neighboring states.
While most of the group went to a Super Bowl Party; I went to the swimming pool.

February 6, 2017.
This is our last day in Lake Havasu City. We did not see much sun today.
I walked along the Bridgewater Channel. It is a popular trail.

People were playing bocce ball.

The playground was deserted.

Two boys rode their bicycles and did tricks.

The ducks loved those two guys.