Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lets go RVing.

I finally have that nasty cold behind me. Now I am itching to take the RV to Quartzsite to meet my WIN friends.
Chappy and Dottie are coming along again. We also will meet there Larry and Darlene, our friends from Missouri.
Doreen had a little bit of my cold, but she recovered fast.
I hope this year we get more travel time in with the WINs.
Last year I did most of my traveling on the computer, following Diana's, Barbara's, and Donna's and Bob's blog.
Today we played tourists again. We went to the San Diego Zoo. Since we are members we can go as often as we want to.
It was T shirt weather and we had a good time. After the visit to the zoo we stopped at the Point Loma Fish Market for fish and chips.

The fish market is another well known San Diego institution. From the eating area one can see the sport fishing fleet, and boats coming in with happy anglers, or unhappy ones, depending on their catch.

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