Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving 1 (2009)

We came home from Death Valley on Saturday, stayed home on Sunday, and today took off for the Chula Vista Marina and RV Resort.
The Convair Camping Club has their Thanksgiving outing here. The last six weeks I had no hook ups, here we have everything, even cable TV.
After setting up the motorhome I went to the swimming pool. At 4:30 PM we had Happy Hour in the club house. Most members of the group went then to the restaurant next door for spaghetti dinner. We went back to the motorhome. I have a ton of magazines to read. We also watched Two and a Half Men, my favorite TV show.

In the morning we went to the pier in Imperial Beach. Some of us ate lunch there.

At 5:30 PM we had our Thanksgiving dinner at the resort clubhouse. I love turkey, mash potatoes, and dressing, and of course pumpkin pie.
Howard and Jon, each cooked a turkey in a Webber Bar-B-Q.
Uninvited guests tried to come in the room. Millie chased them out.

While the group went to the Olympic Training Center, Doreen and I drove to the Tijuana Estuary, a wildlife refuge.
At 5:00 PM we all went to the swimming pool area, where the resort had live music and reasonable priced drinks. Doreen and I did dance, even with Doreen being in pain.
At 6:00 PM we ate the rest of the turkeys.
Everybody had brought an item for the auction. Howard did the auctioning and he was vey good. Everybody had fun.
There was a 50 foot flat water hose with reel. I wanted it. I bid up to $ 15.00. It went for $16.00. I could have used it in Mammoth Lake.

We left Chula Vista early, to get through the traffic.
Doreen had her doctor appointment. He could not do anything for her. She has to be patient and take pain killers.
In the afternoon I started working on the motorhome. One item on the list is done.

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