Monday, May 13, 2013

Eureka 4 (2013)

This was another beautiful day. Since Claudia and her family are celebrating Mother’s Day with Hanna and Scott’s mother, I decided to hike the Headwaters Forest Reserve Trail. The trail leads to one of the few old growth redwood groves.
It is an eleven mile roundtrip. Part of the reserve is the town of Falk. There was a lumber mill and it had a population of four hundred. The buildings are gone and the forest reclaimed the area.

The trail follows the South Fork of the Elk River.

One building was saved. It was the engine house for the small locomotive used for hauling the large logs out of the forest. It is now the Education Center.

Dry sand was used to give the locomotive traction when it was going up a hill. The sand was dried in the Sand Shack.

Along the trail are many large stumps with two and more redwood trees on top.

Signs inform hikers about the forest and the creatures who live in the forest.

I walked three miles, to the bridge crossing the river. When I saw the trail going straight up with switch backs, I read the brochure again. It calls the last 2.5 miles moderately strenuous. Five years ago I would have continued, now I turned around. Six miles is good enough for me. It took three hours walking. I rested several times and spent 3.5 hours in the reserve.

On the way back I stopped at the covered bridge. There are two of them spanning the Elk River.

This is a beautiful area. The cattle must enjoy the green grass and the flowers. This sure beats standing in a feed lot, in the dirt.

Throughout the city of Eureka are some beautiful murals. I tried to take pictures of most of them.
Pierson’s Building Center has several murals. The theme is: A Landscape of Humboldt County.

The Pet Supply Store has pets of course on the mural.

Indian Island_ The sun set twice on the people. The mural honors the Wiyot people, and Indian tribe in this region.

Inharmonious is kind of wild.

Louis Armstrong has a place too in Eureka.

Those are Alley Cats.

This mural at the old Co-Op must be pretty old.

The North Coast Co-Op has several panels on their building.

At the Feed Store four Belgium draft horses come towards the viewer.

Harper Motors displays vintage cars.

Bucksport Sporting Goods has Mountain Men on the side of their building.

The mural on the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts is the largest mural in town. It is incredible beautiful. It is called: A Tribute to Architecture and Performing Arts.

More dogs.

Animals are People Too.

The wall of the Firehouse shows a team of horses responding to an alarm.

Murray Field Vintage 1930

This is called Building Architecture.

Climbing Plants. This is easy to understand.

The Old Time Gas Station is my second best mural. I had to go early in the morning to take that picture. The mural is located on a busy street and parked cars hide too many things. Gas was 22 cents a gallon then.

I enjoyed the dance tonight. The Senior Dance Club is a fun group. The goodies served during the break make the evening even more enjoyable.

The last few days I took it easy. I restocked the refrigerator and did some small repairs in the motorhome. Now I am getting ready for my trip to South Dakota where I will join the WIN,s on their summer circuit.
Today we went again to the Chinese Buffet in Arcata.

This is my last day in Eureka. I went to the lodge for breakfast. I had ordered sausage, potatoes, eggs over easy and toast. When my meal came I thought they gave me a large sausage patty. The servers came around asking customers whether they got their pork chop breakfast. I knew then they had given me the wrong plate. It was too late to do anything about it.
The pork chop was a lot tougher than a sausage patty.
I the afternoon I went to the dump station and emptied the holding tanks. Then I enjoyed a BBQ at Claudia's house. It was fun to see the family in the last few weeks. Next time I try to come during summer school vacation. This way I will see more of Nicolette and Jacob.
I moved the motorhome from my site to the parking lot and hooked up the car. I hope I get out of here early in the morning.


Diana said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Bill & Kathy Heincy said...

Richard,Thanks for keeping the blog going. It appears as if you are enjoying retirement in a big way.
Your Friend...
Bill Heincy