Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lake Havasu - Arizona 2013

I left Lake Mead at 7:30 AM and arrived at Lake Havasu City at 11:00 AM.
The weather forecast was correct. It was windy today. The last half hour of driving was no fun. The wind was blowing all day. Our host had arranged for us to stay at the Prospectors RV Resort. We have a choice between dry camping for $ 10.00 a day or full hookups for $ 25.00. I chose dry camping. I think half of the group went for hook ups. We all can use the swimming pool, hot tub, TV and game room, and all the other facilities.
After setting up the motorhome I went to the Visitor Center and got information about the city. They have WIFI there and I was able to do my computer work.

Today ten of us went to Sarah’s Park and hiked the Sarah’s Crack Trail.

We had to climb through a very narrow canyon. 

At one spot we had to slide down on our butt. Rich was standing at the bottom and catching us.

We are almost through. 

And we made it. 

Lake Havasu was visible in the distance. 

Chuck, our leader, created his own trail. I do not know whether his short cuts actually worked. We just followed him.

At the halfway point we ate our lunch. 

We did not see any Bighorn Sheep or any other wildlife. It was a good 3.5 mile hike though.
After a rest I went to the swimming pool and did some laps. Then I took a long shower at the showers at the pool. I did not have to worry about using too much water there. In the evening some WINs went to a Chinese Buffet. I cooked my own meal. The weather was fine today. There was very little wind and the temperature was about 70 degrees F.

Most members of the group went bicycle riding around the island. I gave my bicycle away when I moved in my motorhome, and have not bought a new one yet.  In the morning I did two loads of laundry. After lunch I went to the library and from there to the English Village.

I walked along the Bridgewater Channel.

A couple was feeding bread to ducks and pigeons. 

When I came back to the motorhome I went to the swimming pool.
At 3:45 PM Rich had a little neighborhood gathering. A few of us are together in one area of the RV Resort. The rest of the group are all over the place. We have our afternoon meeting in the large clubhouse.  

In the evening people played games, watched Trish’s DVD of her travels in Europe, and watched the football game at Herb’s motorhome. I did some reading, watched television, and worked on the computer. 
There is a lot to see in Lake Havasu City. Since I was here in February I do not post many pictures of this area again.

On our morning walk we visited a new neighborhood. It is a gated community and not all the houses are finished. Every second house has a two car garage and a garage for a motorhome. The remaining homes have a place to park the motorhome.

In the afternoon we had a pool party. 

Some people enjoyed the Jacuzzi, and other people the swimming pool. 

We also did some socializing.

Of course, we had food at the party. 

In the evening we went for the fish dinner and dancing at the Eagles Lodge. The food was very good but the music sucked. We did not stay very long.

On our morning walk we saw hundreds of bicycle racers. They had a big race in the northern part of the city.

This is my last day at Lake Havasu City. I am leaving two days early to help with the setting up of the parking facility for the WIN Dance Rally in Wickenburg. I have a feeling that about 90 motorhomes and trailers have to be squeezed into a small space.  
This evening Lynn and Don entertained us at the clubhouse.

We had invited everybody in the RV Resort. Only the owner and his friends came. 

Our people did not look very happy. Some were tired because they kayaked today. Everybody danced though. 

There are some happy faces. 


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