Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 2015

The Wall That Heals, the half sized replica of the Washington D.C. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is in Loleta.
We visited it. I had seen it before in San Diego.

Easter Saturday Doris invited grandchildren and great grandchildren for Easter Egg coloring. Claudia brought Nicolette and Jacob. We had bought sixty eggs.

The twins always have a lot of fun.

We served bagel pizzas for late lunch.

In the evening Doris and I went  Down Town for Art Walk, which is on the first Saturday of the month. All the galleries are open and most of them have finger food and entertainment.
At the Morris Graves Museum a trio played French Café Music.

At another gallery a Hawaiian dancer provided the entertainment. In most galleries small bands play all kind of music.

We love to go from gallery to gallery and coffee houses in between. We meet a lot of people we know from the dance club and other places. Doris knows a lot of people in Eureka because of her involvement in different organizations.
Easter Sunday we had Doris’s family at the house for dinner. The twins enjoyed their meal.

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