Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gourmet Dinner, birthday and Halloween

Mr. Big is never far from Doris. He is more like a dog.

We attended another gourmet dinner with Doris’s University Women Group. The hosts live in an old, large Victorian house. It was built in 1888 and is now a Bed and Breakfast establishment.
They have a music room.

A railroad room.

A sitting room and other rooms.

Food was served in the kitchen.

We were twenty people and had to sit in two rooms.

One group had to sit in the new addition of the house.

The food is always outstanding . The women show their talent of preparing delicious meals. The theme was: “Show your Heritage”. Since ours is German, Doris made Sauerbraten. She also tried to make Spaetzle, but we ran out of time. We brought enough for one meal of the meat back and used it the next day with Spaetzle and a salad.


Early afternoon I went to Sequoia Park where Nicolette and her friends celebrated her 14th birthday.

In the evening we went to the Elks Lodge with Clay and Katherine for a Halloween Dance.

Doris and I went back to the fifties. Of course I never dressed like that. The coloring of my goatee came off and made a mess. We had fun though.

A lot of people came in costumes and some were very good.

The four piece band was excellent and we danced almost every dance.

Doris enjoyed her poodle skirt.



Today we went to another Halloween Dance. This time it was at the Moose Lodge with our Monday dance group.
Nobody recognized me. With the wig and the black beard I fooled everybody.
A lot of people had to look several times before they recognized Doris. She wore a blond wig and a pink jacked this time.
We had a lot of fun. A new band was playing today. They were very good.


Two houses down the street the people are putting up a lot of Halloween decorations.

Other homeowners put up some. On my morning walk I enjoyed a few.

Mr. Big is wondering what the pumpkin is doing on the counter.

I saw a lot of headstones.


Barbara said...

You both look great!

Barbara said...

You both look great!