Friday, February 26, 2016

February 2016

Spring has arrived in Eureka. The magnolia tree in the backyard is in full bloom.

It is a beautiful, but messy tree. The blooms are all over the ground and have to be removed continuously. Later the thick, heavy leaves go through the same process.
On my morning walk I see a lot of rhododendron bushes with their spectacular flowers.

The bush on Claudia’s and Scott’s old house is still there.

Some people in the neighborhood have chickens. This family has goats.

Wednesday we went out for dinner with friends. We had Italian food.

Since I am back from my little Arizona vacation we have been at several plays. Last Sunday we saw The Three Penny Opera at the Ferndale Repertory Theater. I always wanted to see this musical. After the show we had dinner at the Ivanhoe Hotel.
We have several days of rain and then a few days of better weather.
Doris is still working on evicting a renter. The young lady is tough and does not move out. She knows the system and Doris has to go to court now. That will take time and the renter does not pay rent.

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