Saturday, July 9, 2016

Eureka - July 2016

The Friendship Circle Dance Club had today its annual picnic at Rohnert Park in Fortuna.
It was raining very lightly. Since we were sitting under a roof it did not matter.
There was plenty of good and tasty food.
Doris could not come. She was busy. Today and tomorrow she is participating in an audit.

Since I am back from the vacation with Nicolette and Jacob I kept busy with walking and working on the motorhome and car. I am done with all the electrical wiring between the motorhome and the car.
I also fixed Doris’s sprinkler system. The system had two leaks, one under the deck. That required removing of a board and access to the side of the deck.
I also worked on her propane outside space heater. I had removed a C clamp which I had used to keep a tarp in place when I winterized the heater. I tried to start the heater. The push button does not work anymore. While turning the heater I twisted off the four inch diameter tube which holds the heater part and the large reflector. The reflector is about six feet above ground.
The weld was bad. I took my little gas and oxygen welder and fixed it.

Today was Annie and Mary Day in Blue Lake. It was a celebration of the historic Arcata Mad River Rail Line. The line does not exist anymore and there is no lake in Blue Lake.
I arrived when the parade started. It was a short parade. Blue Lake is a small town. The spirit was there tough.

Fire trucks seem to be always at the beginning of a parade.

Star Wars characters came next.

Then there was a group of people walking by.
The Old Crows followed.

The pony pulling a wagon was very cute.

Horses are very popular in small towns.

This was a noisy float. The women on this truck had a good time.

This guy with the big hat was lucky that there was no wind.

I liked this mural on the building.

On one street were a lot of old cars lined up. When I came to Canada in 1957 one of my roommates had a 1956 Desoto like this one.

At the park were vendors selling food and other items.

There was also a band.

When I came back to the street I met Stephan and his wife displaying their BMW motorcycle with side car, and their BMW Isetta. Stephan drove the little car and his wife the motorcycle. They are members of the Friendship Circle Dance Club.

A young lady displayed her 1962 Volkswagen Beetle. I had the same car when I was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. The car had the same sun roof, but not the fancy wheels. I bought the car for export and brought it back to the States. The color of the car was light blue.

Doris took me out for dinner to a restaurant in Old Town. I had installed brass towel rings in two of her bathrooms and printed business cards for her. The business card program is on my lap top computer and she has the color printer. I have a black and white laser printer.
After dinner we went to the Thursday Night Summer Concert at the end of C Street. The band was great and a lot of people were there. Some of our friends from the Friendship Circle Dance Club were there and dancing.
Just before 8:00 PM we walked across the road to the Redwood Curtain Theater and saw a play. I had made reservations.
I brought Doris home after the play. Before she left the car I asked her whether there is a chance that we can get together again. The answer was no. Doris does like to be friends with me and do things together, but she does not want to get romantically involved again. I screwed that up. I can only blame myself for this.
I am stuck right now in Eureka. Monday morning I had to go to court and report for jury duty. We had to fill out forms and I had no excuse not to be on a jury. From about ninety prospective jurors thirty stayed, the rest were excused . The trial is scheduled to last twenty one days.
I had to call again tonight and get instructions. Now I have to call again Monday night and see what day the jury selection starts.

In Fortuna they have their annual Rodeo this week. I went today just to walk. I did not go to the Rodeo, only to the carnival next to it.

Since I left my car at the other end of town I got some exercise.
There were a lot of families. The children had a lot of fun on the rides.

It was a lot warmer in Fortuna than in Eureka. Fifteen miles away from the bay makes a lot of difference.
On the way home I stopped in Victorian Ferndale and did some more walking.

I went to another Thursday night Summer Concert. Doris was busy at home. Dennis and Joann are having a lot of fun.

I danced almost every dance. Women from the Moose Dance Club were there. Joann and I were the only members from the Friendship Circle Dance Club who came to dance.
This was another great band.

There were only a few people at the beginning but later more came and the dance floor filled up too.

At the Moose Lodge are four large apple trees. The deer are coming now to eat the leaves from the branches and the apples.

Joann called me this morning and asked me to go with her to the Autorama in Fortuna.
This was one of the largest antique car shows I have been to in a long time.

Stephan and Beckie were there with their BMW Isetta.

There was also a tractor  and one piston motor show.

Joann was invited to sit in a classic  Mercedes.

After the show we went for late lunch to a Chinese restaurant.

In the evening Doris and I had dinner at Applebee’s, and saw “Moon over Buffalo” at the North Coast Repertory Theater. I had a busy day.

While I walked at the boardwalk I heard music from across the water. There was a band playing near the marina on Woodley Island.
I drove across the bridge and checked it out.
The Northcoast Marine Mammal Center had the Humboldt Bay Critter Crawl. It was a fundraiser. People swam .7 or 4.5 miles for this organization. They were accompanied by a kayak.

I always wanted to go to Scotia and look around. Scotia is a company owned town. The company which owns the lumber mill also owns the houses, the Scotia Inn, and everything else. This will change though. The lumber mill and the houses are for sale. Employees who are renting the houses have first choice to buy them.
I visited the Scotia Inn. The lobby is not spectacular and so are the rooms. They are plain and still have old TVs. I was surprised when I was told that I can take a look at the rooms.

My next stop was the Scotia Museum. Here is the history of the lumber mill and the town on display.

At the beginning a team of sixteen ochsen were used to haul the giant redwood logs out of the forest.

Later steam powered equipment was used.

These geese were on their way to the Eel River.

I also stopped at the Fisheries Center. Here they have tanks with salmon on display. In each tank are different sizes. It starts with fingerlings on one end and at the other end are the full grown ones.

On the way home I stopped at Chapman’s Gem and Mineral Shop. They have a large museum which is worth visiting.

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