Thursday, September 22, 2016

Florence - Oregon 2016

We are back in civilization. I have good cell phone reception, television and the motorhome is sitting almost in the sun. There were some large clouds in the sky today.
We are now in Florence, Oregon, at the parking lot of the Three Rivers Casino. From now on the group has only three day stays. Beginning of November we have to be in Niland, California for the Dance Rally.
I arrived here early. It was only 41 miles from Waldport to Florence.
After setting up the motorhome I went to the library and from there to the Heceta Head Lighthouse.
It is the most photographed lighthouse in Oregon.
First I had to drive under the Cape Creek Bridge.

Walking the half mile up to the lighthouse I had this view.

The tour of the lighthouse had just started and I was invited to join.

The two assistant lighthouse keepers and their families lived in this large house a quarter mile down.

The group is getting smaller.

It rained all day. I am glad I went to the Heceta Head Lighthouse yesterday.
At the morning meeting we decided to go bowling. That did not work out. Some people went to see the movie: Bridget Jones baby.
After the meeting I went to the library and then went grocery shopping.
In the evening we went to the Elks Lodge for dancing. The music was good and we had fun.

We had blue skies all day. The motorhome is facing the correct direction and I was able to raise the solar panels for maximum charging of the batteries.
One group went to the Heceta Head lighthouse and another group to Old Town Florence.
I went first to the library and then to Old Town.

The picture from the air comes from a display on the boardwalk. 
In the evening a small group went to see a play at the theater. This was our last day in Florence.

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