Monday, December 5, 2016

Oceanside, California - 2016

December 4, 2016.
I left Borrego Springs at 7:00 AM and arrived in Oceanside at 9:30 AM. By 12:00 noon I had spent    $ 750.00. The left, rear tire on the Saturn was leaking air. I had gone to the tire shop in Borrego Springs to have it fixed. They did not have to say much to convince me that I needed new tires. They gave me three estimated for different tires. I want Michelin tires.
After I had set up the motorhome in Oceanside I went to Costco and got an estimate there. Since they were able to do they work while I was at the store I had them put on four new tires on the car.
While the work was being done I went grazing in the store. There were two stations where they handed out Swiss chocolate.

December 5, 2016.
A cool front has arrived. It was cold this morning. I went for a short walk and then went shopping. Among other items I bought a valve extension for the right, rear, inside tire of the motorhome.
In the afternoon I installed it. It leaks. Tomorrow I have to remove it again. It is not easy to work on it without removing the outside tire.
I also went to the library in the hope the system is faster than at the Elks Lodge. I had the same problem as I had in Borrego Springs. I could not go on the Internet. A gentleman from the library tried to help me but he was not successful. My computer does not like libraries anymore.

December 6, 2016.
At noon I went to Rancho Carlsbad, a 55 and older community. I lived a few blocks from there.
The Shanty Shakers, the Southern California chapter of the Escapees RV Club, had their annual Christmas luncheon at Rancho Carlsbad.
Sue and Ken live there and arranged to have the affair at the club house.

The club house and the pond, swimming pool, and park like area around the club house make Rancho Carlsbad a wonderful place to live.

We had plenty of delicious food.

Thirteen ladies entertained us with singing Christmas carols. It was a fantastic affair. I was happy to see some of the old friends. Everybody got a free raffle ticket. I won a bottle of wine.

December 7, 2016.
After walking to the pier I worked on the computer most of the day. I got another book ready to be printed.

Unfortunately I have to spend a lot of time adjusting my blog to make the book look like my blog.
When the company, which prints the book, downloads from the blog the dates are in a different place. They jump into the first line of the paragraph. I like to have them above the writing so I can see the dates better.

December 8, 2016.
In the morning I walked to the harbor. It is a long walk and I take change along in case I have to take the bus back. I made it back on foot.

Early afternoon I went to Gary’s garage and asked him how much he charges for an oil change for the Saturn. They were not busy and did it right away. They also looked at the brakes and the pads at the rear brakes were worn down.
I came back to the motorhome with a $ 302.00 bill.

December 9, 2016.
I picked up Doreen and we met Chappy and Dotty at Mimi’s Café in Mira Mesa for lunch. Doreen was hesitant to go for lunch because she forgets a lot of things and is embarrassed about it.
Her daughter Sandra stayed home from work and made sure she was ready. Everything worked out fine. We had delicious food and a wonderful conversation. Doreen’s long term memory seems to be fine.
She does not drive anymore since she got lost in the neighborhood.

On the way home I stopped in Leucadia to see Jim and Doris Bower. It is always nice to see old friends.

December 12, 2016.
This weekend I tried to visit people but most of them were not at home.
I walked on Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad.

I also walked to the Oceanside Pier and on the way home walked by The Oceanside Civic Center with the Library and City Hall. It is a beautiful, modern facility.

December 14, 2016.
Yesterday I did two loads of laundry, took the motorhome to Evans Tire Center and had the valve extension installed on the right, rear, inside tire, and went for a beach walk.
In the evening I had dinner with Gary Magee at a restaurant in Solana Beach.
Today I inhaled calories. I went to the Christmas luncheon of the Convair Camping Club.
It was at the Butcher Shop restaurant in Kearney Mesa, which is part of San Diego. They serve wonderful, delicious meals. I had the salmon dinner.

I also worked on getting the motorhome ready for Friday. I added water to the fresh water tank and cleaned the windshield of the motorhome.

December 15, 2016.
At 11:30 AM  I left for Old Town State Historical Park in San Diego. Since I was early for the Convair Liaison Engineering Group annual Christmas get together, I walked around a bit. I enjoyed the Christmas decorations.

At 1:00 PM I went to the restaurant and spent an hour with the group. It was nice to see some of the people I worked with.
I left early because going North on Interstate 5 is no fun after 3:00 PM. I also had to get ready since I will leave Oceanside tomorrow morning.

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