Saturday, April 4, 2009

Balboa Park

We went to see another film at the IMAX theater. They showed: "Under the Sea".
It was a film of the most exotic undersea locations.
Getting to Balboa Park was another story. It was announced on the TV stations that there was a Science Fair at the park. We did not think anything of it.
When we came close to the park the traffic got heavy. Parking in the park was impossible. We stayed near the theater and waited for somebody to come out.
I asked a man whether he was leaving. He told me yes, but he was parked in another parking lot. I offered to drive him there to get his spot.
When we got there, cars were lined up, waiting for somebody to leave. We got a parking space.
Thousands of children and parents were on El Prado. On both side of the street were tents with science exhibits. We never saw so many people in Balboa Park.

We stopped at one exhibit where one could touch a snake. Doreen is afraid of snakes, but she was brave enough to touch this one.

On the weekend there is always entertainment on El Prado.

The Rubin Fleet Science Center was a mess. They let in only a few people at a time.
The Aerospace Museum was part of the fair and there it was the same.
It was a beautiful day, even with the crowds.
On the way home we stopped in Old Town and had lunch at Berta's, a South American restaurant.
We took a short walk around Old Town and visited an old friend of Doreen. The lady is 93 years young and still works in her store.
Since Doreen was on a memory trip from her time working in Old Time, we also stopped and saw her former boss, John Locke.

Back home the backyard is still in full bloom.

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