Thursday, May 14, 2009

San Diego Embarcadero

We are still at home. Important medical appointments for Doreen keep us from traveling.
Our WIN friends are right now in the Mid West and New Mexico.
The Mid West group did the Natchez Trace and the New Mexico group does New Mexico’s State Parks.
We did today again San Diego. Our first stop was the Spruce Street Bridge, a wood suspension bridge.
The bridge was build in 1912 and spans a woodsy canyon of pepper and eucalyptus trees. Beautiful, large homes are on the rim of the canyon.

After lunch at El Indio Mexican Restaurant we went to the Embarcadero.
Three large Cruise Ships were there, next to the Midway, the aircraft carrier. It is a museum now.

Nearby are the Aircraft Carrier Memorial and “Homecoming” a national salute to Bob Hope and the military.

There is also a super large statue of a sailor kissing a nurse. The picture is well known and was taken at the end of World War 2.

While we were at the Embarcadero, Vice president Biden was visiting the aircraft carrier Ronald Regan, across the bay, in Coronado.

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