Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 2009

Today we had lunch with the Convair Camping Club at Mimi’s in Santee.
I had brought my camera and it was hanging on the back of my chair. I did not take any pictures and almost walked out without it.
My neighbor, at the table, ran after me and handed the camera to me.
I am getting old.
Doreen and I had fun though. The food and company were great. We missed some members of the group. They are on a trip up the Eastern Seashore. Right now they are in Nova Scotia.

Today we had breakfast at Denny’s in El Cajon. Every fourth Saturday the Shanty Shakers Camping Club
has their monthly meeting at this restaurant.
This is another fine group and we enjoy their company. My camera was on the table this time.

The last few months I have been only talking about camping. The coming Friday, I hope, we actually take off.
We plan on spending Labor Day with Claudia and family at a lake 60 miles South East of Eureka.
From there we head to Idaho, and on to the Canadian Rockies.
This will be the first big trip with the new motorhome. The last few days I spent cleaning the fresh water tank with bleach.
I am ready to go.

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Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

Everybody is beginning to head south and you are heading north. Are you CRAZY?