Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer 2009

Summer is almost over and we have not traveled anywhere.
I am running out of work on the motorhome pretty soon.
Yesterday I installed an electric heater element in the water heater.
This went smooth until there was a leak. I had to remove the element again. This time I forgot to open one of the hot water faucets and at the last turn the element flew out from the pressure and I got wet. Luckily the element did not hit me.
Inside the motorhome I had to install a switch with a light, so I know when the heater is on.
When we in the desert, and I use the inverter, I have to be sure that the water heater only runs on propane, otherwise the batteries would be empty in no time.
This was the last important project.
Today I started on installing gas filled struts to one of the solar panels. Since this motorhome has no ladder I have to raise the panels from the ground.
Ron, one of my WIN friends designed this system, and Barbara sent me instructions and pictures.
I changed a door latch per instructions and after some trials was successful.
An extended paint roller pole, without the roller, activates the latch. A 5/16 eye bolt installed on the panel, is used for pulling the panel down again, to the latch.

Today we took the motorhome to the beach. It is a four mile drive.
I arrived at the beach five minutes before 5:00 AM. There is no parking between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM.
Since I want a spot near the grass area I have to get there early.
Doreen had told me that she would come along that early.
When I woke her up at 4:15 AM, she looked at me with one eye and told me she would come later by car. She promised me that she would make some potato salad and bring it for lunch. That got her off the hook.
I went back to bed after setting up the motorhome.
It turned out to be a beautiful day. Doreen did some knitting and we read the paper.
I went swimming and had a chance to try out the outside shower on the motorhome.

This was a hot day for us. We took the motorhome to Corona to have the new shower door and the right rear, outside molding installed.
Corona is a hot place, it was over 100 degrees F.
When the molding was installed I noticed that the bottom eight inches were not grey, matching the adjoining parts. When they ripped off the old part, I thought the did this to see how they had to paint it.
They threw it away and I was riding around with duck tape covering the area.
I was not coming back, seventy miles for a small paint job. The dealer called a mobile painter, he came in a van with all his painting equipment. He did a good job, matching the mating parts.
I did not have to pay for the shower door and the molding, this I requested before buying the rig.

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Barbara and Ron said...

It looks like you did a great job, Richard!