Friday, August 28, 2009

Labor Day 2009

We left the house at 3:30 AM. Carlsbad was still asleep.
At a small shopping center ,in Carpinteria, we had our cereal.
After breakfast, Doreen laid on the couch and tried to catch up on her sleep, while I drove another hour and then stopped at a truck parking area and had a half hour nap. We stopped in Pismo Beach at the Elks Lodge, but they were full, a large camping group had filled all the spaces.
We went to the lodge in San Luis Obispo and got a space with hook ups. Dry camping in 103 degrees F would be no fun. We had to run the roof air conditioner all day. We arrived there at 10:00 AM and after lunch drove to Avila Beach and had a nice walk on the pier. The temperatures at the beach were fine. Ten miles makes a lot of difference. Fisherman were cleaning fish and feeding scraps to pelicans. One pelican had his throat full of fish.
When we came back to the lodge we had an early dinner. Doreen had made a Shepherds Pie. We only had to put it in the microwave oven. The refrigerator and the freezer are packed to full capacity.
We had almost emptied the house refrigerator.
After dinner I went to the pool, at the lodge, for a swim. The whole town seemed to be there.

We had a bad start today. At 6:30 AM we left the San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge. I should have made a left turn on Madonna Street, but missed the turn. So I made a left turn at the next street, hoping to come around the block. The first sign I saw was "Dead End Street". There was a street going to the left before the dead end, I thought I was safe. This street turned out to be another dead end street. Now we were trapped.
We unhooked the car and Doreen guided me into a little driveway. I was able to turn the motorhome and did not have to back up all the way to the other street.
The next little mishap happened after we took off again. The GPS fell off the windshield, but it kept on working and giving us directions.
The rest of the drive was uneventful. People in the Salinas Valley were harvesting vegetables and one could smell cabbages for miles.
In Gilmore we got the aroma of garlic.
After setting up the motorhome at the Sunnyvale Elks we went to lunch with Vera and George, Doreen’s sister in law and brother in law.

I had fish and chips, like every good English man has. After the meal we visited Chris and his family. He is Doreen’s nephew.
The rest of the day we took it easy. It is still very hot.

Today was a driving day. We left Sunnyvale at 5:30 AM and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge at 6:45 AM. The bridge was in heavy fog.
When we came to the other side of the hills we were greeted by blue skies.
We had sunny weather until we arrived in Eureka. There the sun was hiding behind clouds.
I tried last night to sent the new part of my blog, but could not get into Juno.
While being on the computer in San Luis Obispo, Juno asked me whether I would like to upgrade to the newest version. I did it with my computer at home and had no problem. So I down loaded the new version. Now I have to wait until tomorrow and have to go on Claudia’s computer and also make some phone calls to Juno.
We stopped at Claudia’s house for a short time. The grandchildren are growing. Jacob will start first grade tomorrow, and Nicolette third grade.

I called Juno and got the computer problem resolved. They charge $ 1.95 a minute for support.
I also played with the television and found the correct wires for the cable hook up. Then I worked on the digital converter box. I had problems scanning for the channels. I finally figured that out.
Doreen went shopping with Claudia.
It is still cool in Eureka, about 65 degrees F.

Today we drove by car to the "Trees of Mystery".
We left highway 101 for a while and took the scenic coastal dirt road. Unfortunately it was not weather for taking pictures.

The park is located 60 miles North of Eureka, near Klamath. We walked the trails and also went above the giant redwoods in the Sky Trail gondolas.
When we were there the sky was gray, no sun in sight. As soon as we left blue sky appeared.
Yes, they have Paul Bunyon in Northern California. Barbara and Ron just saw him in Minnesota. I saw the Minnesota one in 1959, when I moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Chicago.

On one trail there are wooden figures, made by an artist with a chain saw.

A group of redwoods form a wedding chapel. Weddings are performed there.

On a sunny day one has a very good view to the coast, we had a bit of fog.

Trees of Mystery has one of the best privately owned museum with Indian artifacts.
In the late afternoon I went to Nicolette’s soccer practice. Doreen was all worn out from the walking and took a rest.

Claudia, Doreen and I drove over to Victorian Ferndale, where Claudia and Doreen went shopping while I kept benches warm.
Ferndale is a beautiful little town.

Today we went to the Eureka Boardwalk and Old Town. The weather is perfect now.

Eureka has a lot of Victorian homes. The largest is the Carson House. It was built by a Lumber Baron.

We left Eureka at 7:30 PM and arrived at Ruth Lake at 10:00 AM. The 60 miles on highway 36 were a long 60 miles, a lot of curves and up a hill and down again. We made it though.
Scott, Claudia and the kids came later.
The campground at Ruth Lake is not designed for motorhomes, and it took us an hour to level the rig.
We tried several spots and ended up using the hydraulic jacks and wood.

The kids and I went for a swim. Scott is sick, he takes it easy.

Scott felt better today, but the weather changed. It started to rain.
Doreen and I drove to two Forest Service campgrounds to check them out. They were built for tents and the sites are too short and not level. The campgrounds are beautiful and on the lake.
We also paid the little town of Ruth a visit. There was a community garage sale and we bought two toy trucks for Jacob and a dog for Nicolette. Nicolette gave the dog a hair cut.
We are located almost level with the lake.
Claudia and family were on higher ground yesterday and could not sleep because some young kids had a party until 2:00 AM. Today they moved on our site.
In the afternoon the weather improved.

For dinner Doreen made a big pot of meat sauce and I made a green salad. We had spaghetti for dinner.

There was fog on the lake this morning, what a beautiful sight that was.

Jacob and I walked through the whole campground. I have not seen so many tents lately.
When we got back I cooked pancakes for the whole family.
The sun came out and everybody was happy. At 10:00 AM Scott and I got in the canoe and Nicolette and Jacob were in the inflatable kayak. We pulled them across the lake to a small cove.

Scott builds a big camp fire every evening. Claudia and the kids make smores.

We left Mad River at 7:30 AM and arrived in Red Bluff at 10:30 AM. I do not recommend highway 36 for a shortcut between I-5 and highway 101. The scenery is beautiful, but the curves and hills are not easy to maneuver with a motorhome with car in tow.
We went North on I-5 to highway 299 East.
At McArthur-Burny Falls Memorial State Park we got a camp site for the night.
After a rest we went to the Falls. They are magnificent. Since it is a holiday many people were at the park.

I tried to get my E mail but Juno would not let me on the Internet. The Visitor Center has WIFI

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 2009

Today we had lunch with the Convair Camping Club at Mimi’s in Santee.
I had brought my camera and it was hanging on the back of my chair. I did not take any pictures and almost walked out without it.
My neighbor, at the table, ran after me and handed the camera to me.
I am getting old.
Doreen and I had fun though. The food and company were great. We missed some members of the group. They are on a trip up the Eastern Seashore. Right now they are in Nova Scotia.

Today we had breakfast at Denny’s in El Cajon. Every fourth Saturday the Shanty Shakers Camping Club
has their monthly meeting at this restaurant.
This is another fine group and we enjoy their company. My camera was on the table this time.

The last few months I have been only talking about camping. The coming Friday, I hope, we actually take off.
We plan on spending Labor Day with Claudia and family at a lake 60 miles South East of Eureka.
From there we head to Idaho, and on to the Canadian Rockies.
This will be the first big trip with the new motorhome. The last few days I spent cleaning the fresh water tank with bleach.
I am ready to go.