Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chicago Trip 2010

We are on the road again. Today we will travel only about sixty miles.
We are happy on this picture, I hope we stay that way after nine weeks on the road.

Claudia’s family made already bets on how long Doreen will stay with me this time.
I think she prepared herself pretty well for this trip and hang in all the way.
We left Carlsbad at9:00AM and arrived in Corona at 11:00 AM.
After lunch we went to the Corona Heritage Park and Museum. The city started out as
South Riverside, this was to take advantage of the citrus boom Riverside enjoyed.
Corona was known for its lemons and lemon products. Houses replaced the lemon groves.
The city layout was a circle, Grand Boulevard, the streets were inside the circle.
Up to 1916 Grand Boulevard was used for automobile races.

I picked up Sona at her hotel this morning.Sona lives in the Czech Republic, she is here on vacation.I worked with her husband at McDonnel Douglas.
She used to live in Corona, but had to move back to the Czech Republic because she could not get a green card.
She was not married long enough, when Dennis died, to qualify.
Her condominium has not been rented for almost a year. Her Real Estate lady gives her the runaround when Sona calls from overseas. I hope she accomplishes more while she is in Corona.
Her wish was to visit the Getty Center in Los Angeles.That is the reason why we are in Corona.
Doreen stayed at the motorhome because she still has a problem walking. Her ankle is almost healed.
Sona and I had a good time at the Getty.The drive home was terrible on freeway 91. I can see what Frank Muzzy has to endure every day.
The three of us had dinner at the Elks.They charged us only $5.00 for parking and electricity, not bad.

This was driving day. We left Corona at 5:15 AM and arrived in North Las Vegas at 11:00 AM. It is hot here, and we took it easy, actually we try to get rid of the ants we brought from home.
We must have a nest in the motorhome.I bought ant hotels and hope they will take the bait. Right now we are killing them one by one.
After dinner I went to the lodge to check whether they have WIFI.
There I met Mark, a friend from my camping days at the Oceanside, California,Elks camping days in 2004.It was wonderful to see him again.
He helped me hooking up my lap top to the lodge computer.
I have a hard time bringing text I wrote on Microsoft Word in my blog. It was easy with Windows XP. Windows 7 gives me a hard time.

This was another driving day. We left Las Vegas at 6:15 AM and arrived in Richfield, Utah at 1:30 PM.
The RV Park is rundown place, but the view through the front window is fantastic.
The mountains, horses, cattle and old barns could be on a postcard.

We arrived at Grand Junction, Colorado, at 11:45 AM .
Doreen drove the new motorhome for the first time. We were both excited.
We had stopped at the Spotted Wolf Canyon outlook.

After lunch and a short nap we went to the Colorado National Monument.
The weather was just right and the view in the canyons perfect.

On the way home we stopped at the Fairgrounds, where the WINs have a gathering.

At 8:15 AM we arrived at the Fairgrounds with the motorhome and car to join the WINs for hugs and mugs. Unfortunately Bob and Donna were not there,they had left early to get their motorhome fixed.

After hugs and mugs we headed for the Montrose Elks Lodge,where we arrived at 10:45 AM.
By noon we were at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.
The Gunnison River has cut a canyon 2,700 feet deep at some places. It is very impressive.

We visited Telluride today. Telluride is one of many old mining towns which went from ghost towns to tourist towns.It is also a famous ski area.
There are many buildings from the 1800's.

On the way home we stopped at Ouray, which compares itself with Switzerland.
This is a bit exaggerated, the mountains are there, and the town has its charm, but can not compare with a Swiss village.

The Montrose Elks planted trees along the fence of the RV parking area. We had shade in the afternoon and did not have to run the air conditioner.

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