Thursday, November 18, 2010

At home

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving, in Borrego Springs, with the WINs.
First I had to get the garden in order. In nine weeks the nasturtiums had grown all over the other plants and down the wall to the ground.
It took five garbage cans to get rid of most of it, and I need five more.

We missed a good Thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday. The Convair Camping Club had their three day November outing in Chula Vista, at the Marina and RV Resort.
They always have Turkey on that outing.
We did not go because we were waiting for friends from Chicago. They were in Laguna Beach, California. We met them in Chicago and had invited them to come to us for a few days before they would go back to Chicago.
They never came and did not call us. For that we had come home two days early from Death Valley.
My next job is to change the oil in the motorhome.
I removed already the tar from the car. We drove through a lot of construction sites and the sides of the car were black.
We drove 6,601 miles with the motorhome on the Chicago Trip and about 2,600 miles with the car.
Cost for gasoline for the motorhome was $2,219.28 and for the car $274.46.
On the motorhome we got 8.85 miles per gallon.
The lowest price for gasoline was in Missouri, $2.49 per gallon.
Camping fees were only $467.42, thanks to the Elks and Moose, Passport America, and three nights a Walmart.
Dumping fees were $15.00 and museums and tours $455.00.
Propane use came to about 40.00, and laundry $13.25.
I was happy about the cost for gasoline. Before we left I had calculated the trip with $3.00 for a gallon of gasoline. We were lucky and paid less than that.

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