Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I am at the Pegleg Smith Monument camping area near Borrego Springs, California.
The WINs have their annual Thanksgiving outing here.
I arrived this morning at about 11:00 AM. There were a lot of motorhomes here, but only a few people. The group had gone to Julian for lunch and their famous apple pie.
Randy was in his trailer, so I talked to him for a while.
At 4:00 PM we had our circle meeting. I signed up for the turkey dinner, and put my name on the signup sheet for the set up crew, and the salad sheet. I will make a broccoli salad for the Thursday meal. I also got all the information about the happenings for the next few days.
It was not warm today, and at the camp fire it was cold and windy.
It is always nice to be with the group. I have fond memories of the rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, and the week on the house boat on Lake Powell.
Doreen will come out here on Thursday.

The clouds are gone today and it is warmer, but the wind is still there.
Early in the morning I climbed up the hill and enjoyed the view. Below me were all the motorhomes and trailers from the WINs.

After hugs and mugs I went to the library to do my E mail. From there I went to see Ron. I rang the door bell and nothing happened. Then I dialed his number on the telephone. When he answered I asked him where he was. He told me he was at home. When he ask me where I was I told him that I was at his front door. He came to the door and we had a good laugh.
It looks like he is going to sell his motorhome. He drove it only 16,000 miles.
After the visit with Ron I stopped at the Farmers Market. I bought a bag of oranges and some tamales. Two of the tamales I had for lunch, with green pepper stew.

At 3:00 PM I attended Randy’s discussion about relationships. Those little seminars are always fun.
There were more people at the camp fire tonight. Nelda treated us with some tasty cookies.

Doreen arrived at 9:30 AM. After she took a short rest we took off for the library, which was closed, but I could do my E mail, at a bench, outside.
From there we went to the State Park Visitor Center. We participated in a ranger program about small things in the park.
Everybody received a magnifying glass and we investigated really small plants and an ant hill.
We were made aware of things we never saw before. It was very interesting.

At 2:00 PM we had our Thanksgiving feast. Like always, it was very well organized, the food was hot and delicious.
The weather was exceptional good, blue skies and very little wind.
The hosts had bought ten turkeys and one ham. There were about 95 people. Ten of them were here only for the day.
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

It was cold last night. When I got up in the morning it was 35 degrees F inside the motorhome. In the middle of the night I retrieved one more blanket to keep us warm.
I ran the furnace for 15 minutes to help the catalytic heater to warm up the motorhome when I stayed awake.
When we went to hugs and mugs, at 8:00 AM, it had warmed up already.
We went to the State Park Visitor Center again to attend a film or movie presentation, but it was canceled because of illness of the presenter.
We saw another film though, about the four seasons of the park.
At 1:00 PM we had turkey leftovers. This was another very good meal. Among the desserts was a cake which must have been Nelda’s “Better than Sex Cake”. She is a good baker.
The weather was super good again.
At the Visitor Center we saw this car. It is a Corvette Nomad. The owner told us that Chevrolet built a few of them.

Last evening we had a lot of fun at the campfire. Instead of one poet, we had two.
Chuck arrived today for the last outing with the group. He is getting old he claims.
Randy and Chuck kept us amused with some good poetry.
This morning a group went for a long hike. Doreen left for home at about 8:00 AM.
Several days ago a few people had gone and picked up some fire wood. It is too long for the fire dish, so I took my little bow saw and cut some to size.
I spent some time at the library and went to the Tamale Festival at the Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs.
At 3:00 PM we had the choice of eight turkey soups. This was the most soups we ever had.
At 5:30 PM I went to the camp fire. At 6:30 PM a large group went dancing, and some went to a star gazing program at the State Park Visitor Center.
We had again a lot of fun at the camp fire.

This morning I walked up my favorite hill. From there I can see Borrego Springs and the whole valley. Rain clouds are over the mountains.

I took a little ride along highway S22 and took this picture of our motorhomes at Peg Leg Smith Monument.

Our campfire lady left early this morning. I went to the site and took the ashes out of the dish and set up paper and wood for the campfire for this evening.
There will be no more garbage collection, so I have to take the ashes home.
At 1:00 PM we had our ice cream social. The wind had come up and everybody took cover besides motorhomes. The WINs are a hardy bunch and a little sand in the ice cream will not stop us from enjoying this treat.
Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me.
We are very lucky that we had not much wind on Thanksgiving Day and the day after, when we had leftovers. That would have been a real bummer.

After cleaning out the dish for the campfire and putting the ashes in a bag I headed for home.
There was no wind, but it was cool in the higher elevations.
I was home at 10:15 AM and called the doctors office. My back is killing me. I have a 8:20 PM appointment. It is not my doctor, he is booked until December 29, yes this year. My doctor is very popular and it was not easy to get him. Kaiser takes good care of me though.

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