Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bates Nut Farm 2011

Now we are at Bates Nut Farm, in Valley Center, with the Shanty Shakers. The Shanty Shakers are the Southern California chapter of the Escapees Camping Club.
We arrived at the farm at noon and after setting up the motorhome joined the group for some discussions.

At 3:00 PM we left for Cruising Grant in Escondido. The first Friday of the month only old cars can park on several blocks of Grant Avenue.
We walked down one side of the street and came back on the other side. There were some beautiful cars.

Most of the group stayed in town and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We came back to the motorhome and ate the stew Doreen had prepared yesterday.

There was a giant, once a year, yard sale at the farm today. A lot of people from Valley Center must have emptied their garages. There was even a coffin for sale.
Doreen bought a teddy bear for two dollars.

After the yard sale Doreen and I went to see Ron Ross and his wife Mary. They have a five acre avocado ranch in Valley Center. Ron worked with me at Convair and after the company shut down, they bought the ranch.
For lunch we went to the Valley View Casino were we got a free pass for the buffet.
We signed up for the player’s card, but did not gamble. The buffet was fantastic and the food was very good.
In the afternoon we sat with the group at the camping area, and watched a gopher come out of his hole and eat grass.

The weather could not be better. I had expected hot weather; the temperature it is in the high seventies.

This morning was supposed to be a Buick car show. A few cars arrived; some of them were not Buicks.

We took off for home at 10:00 AM. Our neighbors at Camino Hills left today for a vacation and Doreen takes care of their cats.
The Convair Camping Club has an outing, beginning tomorrow, at a county park near Julian. This is one of our favorite places but our neighbors take care of our mail when we are on the road and now it is our turn.

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