Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Yesterday we returned from Oak Creek RV Resort and restocked the refrigerator.
This morning we left for Red Beach at Camp Pendleton. They have no military exercises this long Memorial Day weekend and we will be able to enjoy the beach.
We left home at 8:45 AM and arrived at the staging area 45 minutes later.
Normally we leave home at 2:00 PM. This time we decided to try to get a spot facing the water and left earlier. Our friends Arlene and Howard, and Linda and Jon were there already. They are friends from the Convair Camping Club.
The staging area was changed from Las Pulgas Road to the Las Flores Ranch House. This was a mess. On the road everybody knew their position, because it was single file. At the Ranch House we parked on a large meadow. A lady came around later and gave everybody a piece of paper with a number.
I knew that would not work.
Chappy and Dottie came later.
We had all day to visit with friends and other people. After lunch we had a nap.
At 3:45 PM we got the signal to leave for the beach. The piece of paper with the number meant nothing.
Position was important.
It felt like the Oklahoma Land Rush. Everybody took off at the same time.
Our four motorhomes made it to the site facing the beach. So did Jim and Jerriann. I had not seen them while wandering around at the Ranch. They had arrived at 2:00 PM and had a high number but made it to the front.
After setting up the motorhome I turned on the oven and we heated up the shepherds pie Doreen had prepared. Dottie and Chappy joined us for dinner.
After dinner Chappy and I went to the camp fire for a while. Jon always has a good fire going.

Part of the day was beautiful and part was windy and cool. It was a partly cloudy day.
In the morning I walked up to the bluff and looked for the Shanty Shakers, members of my other camping club.
I found their motorhomes but nobody was there.
Later, Doreen and I walked along the beach to the south camping area.
Arlene, Howard, Jon and Linda tried fishing. All they caught was kelp and sea weed.
In the afternoon we sat with the group, watching the waves and telling stories.
In the evening I walked one more time to the bluff and all the Shanty Shakers were sitting around the camp fire. They had gone, in the morning, to the monthly club breakfast meeting in El Cajon.

It rained last night, very unusual for Southern California. It stops raining in April. We also had a lot of wind.
It was cloudy when I took a long walk.
When Doreen woke up I walked with her along the beach.
Two of my small flags flew out of the flag holder. I found the California flag but not the WIN flag. I looked in the bushes around the motorhome. Any other flag I could easily replace. Doreen and I made the WIN flag. Later I looked on top of the motorhome and it was there.
I did not get a call from Jean’s caregiver today. Yesterday Rose, the caregiver on duty, called and told me about the problems she has with Jean. An hour later Lida, the other caregiver, called me from home. They both feel abused and ready to quit.
I talked to Jean and tried to calm her down. She was almost normal last week when she was at our house, where we celebrated her birthday.
In the evening we had dinner at Dottie’s and Chappy’s motorhome. They had prepared a pot roast.
It was too windy for a camp fire.

When I woke up there was blue sky and very little wind. I walked along the beach and there were a lot of people fishing, and they actually caught fish today.
Howard, Chappy and Jon started to fish too, but they still were only catching sea weed.

This was a relaxing outing. I needed the rest.
Now I have to see what is happening with Jean. It reminds me of the time when my sister called me from Germany. She was crying because my mother did not recognize her when she went to my mother’s house to pick up the laundry. Mother accused her of stealing her clothing and linens.
Alzheimer does do strange things to people.
Jean had a light stroke and behaves now as my mother did.
We have dental appointments coming and Doreen has to take care of our neighbors cats next weekend.
Then we are ready to head north, to Eureka.

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