Sunday, July 17, 2011

Morro Bay 2011

We arrived at Morro Bay State Park at 10:30 AM and were greeted by the “Campground full” sign.
This is a very popular park.
The staff told us that there would be open sites at Morro Strand State Beach. We drove there and at the gate house I asked the lady in the booth whether they had a site for us. When she answered I understood: “You have to take two nights”. I told her I would take it. When I got out of the motorhome to pay, the lady told me $ 134.00. I ask her “That much for two nights?” Then I was informed that I needed two sites for the motorhome, because of the length.
We left and stopped in the neighborhood to call the State Park Reservation System and made reservations for Sunday and Monday.
We will be meeting our friends, Rhonda and Frank Muzzy, there.
Then we drove to San Luis Obispo to the Elks Lodge.
They have two swimming pools and I enjoyed the refreshing water.

The view from the motorhome is very relaxing.

Doreen does not feel too good.
Since we have not been for some time to the Madonna Inn, we thought it was an easy outing.
The visit to Madonna Inn is a must when coming to San Luis Obispo.

I think the men’s toilet at the Inn is the most visited in the US. Women stand outside and when no man is inside they take a look. The sinks are made of large shells.

The urinal is equipped with an electronic beam turned on waterfall. When a man steps forward the waterfall is running down the wall.

The whole place is colorful.

From the Madonna Inn we drove to San Luis Rey Pier. After some maneuvering we found a parking spot.
Doreen could not walk and I did not feel like going by myself, we gave the parking spot up and drove to Pismo beach to get some gasoline for the car.
This was a mistake. Today is Saturday and the town was full with cars and people. At the first chance we turned around and went back to San Luis Obispo and filled up the tank there.
We were able though to eat lunch at Marie Callendar.
The rest of the day was easy time. I went to the swimming pool, did my laps and had a shower.
Doreen of course is not a swimmer.

We arrived at Morro Bay State Park at 12:30 PM. Rhonda and Frank arrived a bit later.
After a little rest we visited with them and took a look at their motorhome.

From there we drove to the Morro Bay Embarcadero. We did some walking and checking out stores, and having dinner at a restaurant next to the water.

Om my morning walk I went to the marina and the Museum of Natural History. The view from there was spectacular.

We did some walking on the Embarcadero with Rhonda and Frank. The women visited a couple of stores.
After a while we stopped for some goodies. I had an ice cream cone and everybody else their favorite dessert.
In the evening we went with Rhonda and Frank to their friends campsite and enjoyed peach pie Rhonda had baked, and the camp fire.

While we were sitting there we heard, what sounded like a cannon shot. A branch from a large tree had broken off. Fortunately the branch fell into an empty area.
We are parked under large trees,and this gives us something to think about.

Today we moved to the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge. They had a site for us, but only for today. Tomorrow we have to move on.
We went to down town Santa Barbara for a short while. The weather is a lot better than on the coast.

When Doreen was not thrilled to go shopping in down town Santa Barbara I knew it was time to go home.
I had called the Elks Lodge in Oxnard and they had room for us, but I told Doreen we were heading for home.
I tried to go through Los Angeles at about 11:00 AM and it did not work. Traffic was heavy and we crawled sometimes at 15 to 20 MPH. It was no fun. Next time we get up early again and avoid this hassle.
When we finally got through this mess, we stopped at a shopping center in Los Alamitos, in our old neighborhood, and had lunch and took a rest. Sometimes we visit friends, but this time we just wanted to get home.
We arrived there about 3:00 PM and besides fixing the back up camera, the magnetic switch on the door step, and a couple of other things, a lot of garden work has to be done. I have to do a lot of trimming and weeding.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Wow! Why don't you just stay at the Elks? I hope Doreen feels better.