Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back home again.

I did already some of the work on the motorhome. The light for the step is working again and the broken blind in the living room is fixed.
Cleaning the motorhome was a big task this time. We parked under some trees and I had a difficult time to remove the mess.
Now I am waiting for the backup camera, which I ordered from Costco.
I also caught up with the yard work.
Unfortunately my back is hurting again. I felt good while we were traveling.
I also finished my autobiography. This was time consuming, especially getting the pictures lined up.
Every time I added a picture I remembered something else. I have to stop now or I will be doing this for another few years.

Today I went to the Convair tooling luncheon in Santee. It is summer and most of the people are traveling or doing other things. We were a very small group.

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