Sunday, August 14, 2011

Carlsbad Village Arts Fair

We went this morning to down town Carlsbad for the Village Arts Fair. Several streets were closed for this affair.
We still do not have summer weather at the coast. The high for the day was 68 degrees F.
Ten miles inland they have blue skies and sun. We have the marine layer with dark skies.
The weather is perfect though for walking at the fair.
We met our neighbors Sue and Ken Pace. They were also enjoying the displays. A lot of the vendors had beautiful items made of glass and wood.
I was busy last week working on the motorhome. The new backup camera works very well. The seven inch monitor is a lot better than the little one on the old system.
I had to drill a ¾ inch diameter hole in the back wall of the motorhome to get the connector from the harness through.
The same size hole was required through the cabinets in the bedroom, and twice in the floor, one hole out in the back and one hole in, in the front of the motorhome.

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