Saturday, August 27, 2011

Leo Carrillo Film Festival 2011

Today was the first night of the Leo Carrillo Film Festival.
The last Friday of August and every Friday in September the Carlsbad Parks and Recreation Department presents a Leo Carrillo film.
The city of Carlsbad bought part of the movie star’s ranch. It was a large working cattle ranch.
All what is left of the beautiful Hacienda is the living quarters, stables, barns and gardens.
The rest became housing developments.
While we were waiting to get dark a little girl got up and started dancing.
Everybody brings food and wine and the atmosphere is like a large picnic
The entertainment started with a short “The Cisco Kid” movie and the main feature was “What’s Cookin?”
It was a musical with Leo Carrillo and the Andrew Sisters.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That really sounds like fun. And I love musicals.