Friday, August 26, 2011

Beta Sigma Phi Picnic 2011

Today we took the motorhome down to San Diego, to the Mission Bay Park, for our second annual get together with Doreen’s women’s group.
Doreen and I hosted the affair. We had bought bratwurst from Tip Top European Delicatessen. Big John’s sausages are always a hit.
I also had hamburgers on the grill and we served Doreen’s potato salad and my broccoli salad. The rest of the group brought dessert and munchies. I heated up the beans on the Coleman stove.
The group gets smaller every year. We had a good time. The weather was perfect. Twenty miles inland the temperature is in the high nineties while on the coast it is in the seventies.
Doreen and I had arrived at 10:00 AM to make sure we get two tables in the gazebo. Everybody else came at 2:00 PM.
We set up the tables, two small BBQ grills and the Coleman stove. We had brought six chairs which came in handy.
A small bus from a senior home came and the driver asked us whether they could share the gazebo with us. We told them to go ahead and Doreen offered the chairs. Most of the people used walkers.
The drivers and the nurse came back to the motorhome and asked us whether they could get food from the In and Out Burger for us. They were getting lunch for their group. We told them that we were cooking lunch pretty soon.
Until our group arrived we did some reading and I did spent time on my computer. Doreen also did some knitting.
After the picnic Doreen and I stayed until the traffic got lighter. Going on I-5 during rush hour is no fun.
We watched young boys play soccer and people exercise.

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