Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

This was an unusual Labor Day weekend.
Red Beach at Camp Pendleton was closed because the Marines, which will be deployed next month, are in training. We heard all week heavy artillery.
I had turned on the refrigerator in the motorhome since I was sure we would be able to camp this long weekend. I was wrong. So we stayed at home.
Today we had a picnic in our patio.
I tried to make baby back pork ribs like I helped Rob cook at The Trail of the Ancients outing in Moab.
Since I had no Coca Cola I could not use Rob’s secret recipe. I used water for cooking the ribs. They did not taste the same.
We had invited Dottie and Chappy and I picked up Jean from the nursing home. We had a good time.
It rained for a short time which is very strange for this time of the year.

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