Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mission San Juan Capistrano

This was a wonderful day. When we left Carlsbad there was still a marine layer over the town.
Upon arrival in San Juan Capistrano we had sunshine.
We were early at the mission and it was not crowded. They have now an award winning audio tour.
The tour entitled”Voices of the Mission” features music, history, and storytelling about California history and the story of the Jewel of the missions.
At marked points of interest one presses a button on the device and listens to the narrator.
San Juan Capistrano is famous for the return of the swallows. Unfortunately not many swallows nest at the mission anymore. They prefer now highway bridges.

Wine making in California started at the mission. There is an inside vat and an outside vat for fermenting.

The ruin of the Great Stone Church is being stabilized. The church was built in 1797 and an earthquake in 1812 demolished it.

The Serra Chapel was completed in 1788 and is very beautiful.

The gardens and fountains are magnificent.

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