Saturday, March 17, 2012

Temecula Bluegrass Festival 2012

We arrived in Temecula at 11:00 AM. The Shanty Shakers reserved a parking lot near the Main Street Square, next to the outdoor stage.

Three rigs were here already. It took some time to level the motorhome on this uphill parking lot.
After setting up our house on wheels we went to Walmart.
It is cooler now and the rain is on the way. Some members of the club did not come because of the announced bad weather.
Today was actually a pleasant day.
In the afternoon the group had Happy Hour.

Our motorhome is parked at a good location. We have to walk only a short block for both places where the bands perform.
Because of the rain the outdoor venue is closed.
On the way home we stopped at the bank for a Mexican meal. The bank is now a restaurant.
It practically rained all day. We need the rain, but it should have waited a few days.

It is still raining. At 9:00 AM we went to Granddatz Hot Dogs, the place which is used in case of rain.
Since it does rain the outdoor main stage is not being used.
We listened to the Bluegrass Brethren, a gospel singing group.

When I saw a piece of blue sky I told Doreen that this is a good time to leave for home.
We were able to hook up the car and get out of there without getting wet. There was more rain coming.
When we arrived at home most of the sky was blue. The rain had come through already.
I feel sorry for the bands which were scheduled to perform on the street corners in Old Town Temecula.
They did not get a chance.

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