Saturday, March 17, 2012

Temecula Bluegrass Festival 2012

We arrived in Temecula at 11:00 AM. The Shanty Shakers reserved a parking lot near the Main Street Square, next to the outdoor stage.

Three rigs were here already. It took some time to level the motorhome on this uphill parking lot.
After setting up our house on wheels we went to Walmart.
It is cooler now and the rain is on the way. Some members of the club did not come because of the announced bad weather.
Today was actually a pleasant day.
In the afternoon the group had Happy Hour.

Our motorhome is parked at a good location. We have to walk only a short block for both places where the bands perform.
Because of the rain the outdoor venue is closed.
On the way home we stopped at the bank for a Mexican meal. The bank is now a restaurant.
It practically rained all day. We need the rain, but it should have waited a few days.

It is still raining. At 9:00 AM we went to Granddatz Hot Dogs, the place which is used in case of rain.
Since it does rain the outdoor main stage is not being used.
We listened to the Bluegrass Brethren, a gospel singing group.

When I saw a piece of blue sky I told Doreen that this is a good time to leave for home.
We were able to hook up the car and get out of there without getting wet. There was more rain coming.
When we arrived at home most of the sky was blue. The rain had come through already.
I feel sorry for the bands which were scheduled to perform on the street corners in Old Town Temecula.
They did not get a chance.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Borrego Springs 2012

It is 6:00 AM and we are getting ready to go to Borrego Springs for the Convair Camping Club March outing.
We were supposed to leave at 11:00 AM. First I have to go to the Clubhouse and cook pancakes and French toast for the Men's breakfast. Then I have to go to the dentist to have a temporary crown clued back. I pulled it off last night. This was bad timing.

We left earlier than I had planned. Most people came early for breakfast.
By 9:30 AM we had served them all. So I took off to see the dentist. It took only fifteen minutes to put the temporary crown back.
By 10:30 AM we were on the road. We stopped at a gas station in Ramona to fill up the tank in the car.
At Dudly’s bakery we bought two bear claws. It is a must to buy them there. They are the best.
We arrived at Peg Leg Smith’s Monument, in Borrego Springs, at 1:00 PM. There are only 20 rigs here. Most of the snow birds are gone.
When I visited my neighbor, he told me that I am early for Thanksgiving. He is also a WIN and recognized me. He lives in Poway and is spending some time out here.
Doreen and I took a nap and then spent some time outside. We enjoyed the nice weather and Doreen did some knitting.
There are no flowers in bloom. The rain was not enough and came at the wrong time. Even the desert verbenas did not show up.
Chappy and Dottie arrived at 5:00 PM. At 6:00 PM I went to the camp fire. I stayed for an hour.

Early morning I walked up the hill to take some pictures of the motorhomes and trailers.

After lunch we went target shooting. My first five shots missed the target. The second five were near the red center. Instead of adjusting the scope I moved my aim and with the third five shots I had three in the red and the other two were not very far from it.
Ron had a cluster near the red. Chappy was a little bit all over the target. Dottie missed the target completely.
We had a lot of fun though

We had dinner at Chappy and Dottie’s motorhome. Dottie had prepared rips, beans and French fries.
This was a fantastic day. The weather could not be any better.

I walked up my favorite hill where I can see Borrego Springs, the valley and the mountains.

At 12:30 PM we went to Palm Canyon Resort, our home for the next three days.
Happy Hour was at 4:30 PM and 30 minutes later we started eating.

At 6:00 PM we were invited to a silent movie from 1920. It was actual an Infomercial for Maxwell cars, and filmed around Borrego Springs.
The film survived but the Maxwell Company is part of history.

In the morning most members of the group went to see the steel statues.
There are two brand new ones, a scorpion and a grass hopper.

For dinner we had corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. Nobody walked away hungry. Everybody is happy with the weather. We ran the air conditioner in the motorhome for a few hours. There is very little wind.

In the morning we went to the little mall in Borrego Springs. I had an ice cream and Chappy two coffees. The women went shopping while we were sitting in front of the coffee shop.
In the afternoon I took Denise and Dick to Ron’s ranch. They know each other from their sailing days.
We had Reuben Sandwiches for dinner, with potato salad and green salads.
I had corned beef with the salads.
This was another fantastic outing with good friends. Good weather helped of course.

We left the Palm Canyon RV Resort at about 11:00AM. Back at Peg Leg Smith are only 14 rigs now.
Mike McCutcheon has left and Randy Strickland is still here.

I talked to Dwight and probably will copy his refrigerator cover awning. Because of the way the solar panels are located on my motorhome the refrigerator always faces the sun in the winter.

It is very quiet now at Peg Leg Smith. The few Canadians here and one couple from Alaska are getting ready to head north.
I went to the camp fire for a while. We had to extinguish the fire when the wind came up. The motorhome was shaking for about an hour.
At the coast they have a rain storm and I believe this is part of it.

We had a good night sleep. The wind had slowed down.
The bushes were still moving in the wind when I got up.
Before we left Borrego Springs we stopped at the Palm Canyon RV Resort and picked up the wooden blocks which go between the two wheels on Darwin’s trailer. He had left without them. Linda called me and asked whether I could pick them up.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ed Gurling - Celebration of Life

Another Convair friend is gone. Today we had a celebration of life, with a Hawaiian theme, for Ed Gurling. Ed and his wife loved Hawaii. They had bought a lot there, but for some reason never moved to their paradise.
Ed was one of the nicest people. He worked 45 years for Convair and was 92 years old.

The church was packed, an indication how much Ed was loved.
There were Aaron Roberts, Glen Smith, Chuck Martinez and Fred Shepherd from our group.