Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Borrego Springs - March 2013

I left Yuma at 7:30 AM and arrived at Peg Leg Smith’s Monument, in Borrego Springs, at 11:30 AM.
I had stopped in Salton City for dumping the holding tanks, get fresh water, and get propane.
Rosemarie had sent me an E mail telling me that she and Harald would be in Borrego Springs this week. I was not surprised to see them, but to see also Martha, the lady from Austria, surprised me.
Later, while we were sitting there, Peter and his wife, in their big MAN motorhome came too. Rosemarie and Harald came back yesterday from their six week trip to Baja California. They had a good time there. One of the places they went was San Ignacio Lagoon to touch whales. I think that is the highlight of any trip.
In the evening, while we were sitting at the campfire, Les showed up. He had joined the WINs in Quartzsite and went with us to Parker and Lake Havasu City. He does a lot of long hikes near Borrego Springs.

We have a hot spell in the desert. During the day the temperature in the shade is 95 degrees F.
Yesterday morning I left early for Carlsbad to pick up my mail. Two full shopping bags with mail were waiting for me. Doreen and I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. After lunch I dropped off Doreen at her house and on the way home stopped at the barber and got a haircut. When I arrived at Peg Leg Smith is was too warm to do anything. I waited until it cooled off and then attacked the mail.
This morning I wrote a bunch of checks, visited Ron at his ranch, went to the post office and library, and came back to the motorhome.
The rest of the day I sat in the shade with some of the neighbors. I also took a long nap.

I went this morning to Ron’s ranch. Dennis came from San Diego. Dennis is another ex Convair employee.
The three of us did some target shooting. I used my 22 caliber rifle and Ron and Dennis used their hand guns. After we made a lot of noise and put holes in the target and in the air, we went to Ron’s favorite restaurant for lunch. In a booth not far from us sat Chuck Bennet and his wife, another ex Convair guy. They live in Borrego Springs and we have seen them several times at the restaurant.
We talked to Chuck for a while. He is again heavily involved with the State Park.

It was another hot day. After lunch I went to the library. It was cool there. The motorhome was too hot to sit inside. Everybody sat in the shade. At 5:00 PM it was cool enough to start preparing dinner

This was laundry day. I went to the Palm Canyon Resort at 7:00 AM. I filled three washing machines. Near 8:00 AM, the regular opening time of the laundry room, a lot of people came.
They did not know that for March the business time had changed. By then I was using the dryers.
On the way home I stopped at the Christmas Circle where the Friday Farmers Market was going on. Farmers and stores bring their products. I did not buy any bread since I am on my way to Oceanside and I will buy bread in Carlsbad next week.
Peg Leg Smith is being deserted. Only ten rigs are still here. Monday most of us will be leaving. It was another unusual hot day today.

The motorhome was shaking last night. It was very windy. In the morning the wind lost strength. We had a fantastic sunrise.

I climbed up the hill and took a picture of the few motorhomes which are still here. One big motorhome came this morning. They turned on the generator and air conditioner and never left their rig. I have not seen them yet.

At the Christmas Circle was a big art show today. After my library visit I spent some time there.

There were some beautiful pictures of the desert and Palm Canyon. The canyon and the desert do not look like this right now and I think this will not change. There was not enough rain.

All the flowers I have seen so far are a few desert verbenas. This bunch is the biggest I have found.

Even at an art show food has to be available.

I had a very good day today. I visited Arlette and Guenter Seidel in Warner Springs. They are friends of friends of mine, and lived in the same neighborhood in Clairmont, a section of San Diego.
My friends had always a big Oktoberfest and Arlette and Guenter were there too.

They have a beautiful home in a 55 and older community. Their house borders the National Forest and they do not have to worry about getting neighbors on that side of the house. Arlette invited me to stay for lunch and she prepared a tasty meal. It was wonderful to see old friends again. Warner Springs is at an altitude of 3000 feet and it was pleasant outside.
On the way back I stopped at the glider port and checked out prices for taking a ride in a glider. Next winter I will do it. I am leaving Borrego Springs tomorrow.

In the high desert were some flowers. This is a very pretty valley.

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