Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guajome County Park 2013

I left Peg Leg Smith’s Monument at 6:45 AM. In Borrego Springs I stopped at the Christmas Circle, which is a hot spot, and got my E mail while being in the motorhome. Ron Carlson came by in his car and sounded is car horn. I think he was on his way to La Jolla.
The drive up Montezuma Grade was easy since nobody was behind me. I took my time.
I arrived at Guajome County Park at 9:00 AM and sneaked in the back way. Camp site number 15 was too short for my motorhome. I went to the ranger office and told the ranger that I was very early because I came from the desert and had some shopping to do for the clubs pot luck dinner. He was very nice and did not give me a hard time. They do not like people to arrive before 1:00 PM. Then I told him that my camp site was too short. He looked in the computer and had one site left.
I took it and went to set up the motorhome. Then I got a bucket and a rag. I filled the bucket with water and started cleaning my dirty car. In a few minutes the bucket was empty. It had a hole.
Down the street is a K mart. I bought a new bucket there and went next door and bought milk and lettuce for the salad I had to make for the Pot Luck.
Linda, the club secretary, had invited Doreen to come to this outing. She came with her little dog, but did not stay for dinner.
We had spaghetti with meat balls, Salads, and desserts. It was a very good dinner. After dinner we had a camp fire. Millie and Bill were not at this gathering. They had come last week by mistake and could not get a camp site this week.

On my morning walk around the lake I walked by those geese. They let me come close.

At 5:00 PM we had our monthly business meeting and then the Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner. We were a week late, but it was still a delicious meal. Doreen had come for the dinner. Millie and Bill arrived today with their motorhome.

Today is the first day of spring. Trees in the neighborhood of Guajome County Park are in bloom.

Down the road from Guajome County Park is Rancho Guajome Adobe County Park. The Rancho’s centerpiece was its 7,000 square feet hacienda, with 28 rooms. Built around an inner court yard it held the living quarters, school room and office. It took more than three years to construct it.
It was built by Cave Johnson Couts, a young U.S. Army lleutenant, who married in 1851 Ysidora Bandini, the daughter of Juan Bandini, one of San Diego’s most prominent citizens. Ysidora received the 2219 acres Rancho Guajome land grand as a wedding present. The Rancho became the social and cultural center for North San Diego County.

The Rancho had its own school and chapel.

Besides cattle and livestock Couts had orchards and a General Store. From his office he ran this big operation.

There is also a beautiful garden.

The San Diego County Department of Parks takes care of the Rancho now.

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