Friday, October 24, 2014

My move. 2014

Winter has arrived in Eureka. It is raining.
The motorhome is still parked at the Moose Lodge. All my tools are now in Doris’s garage. The light tool boxes are on a shelf unit. The heavy ones will go on the workbench as soon as I rearrange the peg board in the back of the bench.
Now I am bringing excess clothing from the motorhome to the house. I am making room for Doris.
The motorhome goes in storage at the end of next week. As soon as Doris sells her fifth wheel trailer and her truck the motorhome will be parked on the RV slab next to the garage.
I am getting spoiled by Doris and I am enjoying it. While Doris was baking cookies I carved the pumpkin. Since I am not an artist and it was my first pumpkin the result is not that great. We put a candle in it and put it on the front porch.
Doris’s daughter and grandson did arrive the day before yesterday for a short visit. Yesterday her son and wife and his son came to the house for dinner. They live in Eureka.
Doris enjoyed the company of two of her children and their families. The wife of her older grandson and her young  grandson did not stay for dinner. They were acting in a haunted house. The older grandson was supposed to go with his wife but he had a giant tooth ache. So his cousin took his place.

Today we went to the house of Doris’s son where he and his wife’s served snacks and drinks. The house was decorated for Halloween. They really did a very good job.   

Doris and I went dancing at the Moose Lodge this evening. The Friendship Circle Dance Club had their Monday dance.

The theme was Halloween. Some people came in costume; we did. People who know both of us are still guessing what is going on between Doris and I. They asked questions, but not straight out. One lady told me that we had matched outfits. I only smiled. I dance with everybody just like before I met Doris.

Carol came as a man.

Ellen was a mysterious lady.

It was a fun evening. 


Donna Huffer said...

So glad you have found someone to share your life with. Hope to see you out on the road some day and met her.

Barbara and Ron said...

Your first pumpkin carving! How exciting. I've only done a few. Not as easy as it looks, right?

Bill & Kathy Heincy said...

Richard, Glad to see you've found a partner in life. As much as I have enjoyed looking and reading about everything you've done during the past several years, I'm not gonna bake you cookies....