Thursday, November 6, 2014

My move 2 (2014)

Today I put the motorhome in storage. We will not be using it for the next three months. Doris is going to see her daughters and families in Portland, Oregon, and fly from there to New York to see her other daughter and family.
Christmas we will spend in Eureka with the families and Doris and her friend will spend part of January in Coronado, near San Diego.
Those trips were arranged some time ago.
We were busy this week. Doris is still working on the computer to get a grant for the Golden Rule Project.  The Golden Rule is a 30 foot sail boat which was used in the fifties to protest atomic tests in the Marshal Islands. Veterans for Peace are rebuilding the boat after it was under water for a long time.
Wednesday we went to the Aquatic Center for a lecture about ghosts in Eureka.

Thursday we went on “The Haunted Mill Tour”. The whole Blue Ox Mill was used for the setting. Actors from the Del Norte School of Performance were the witches, ghosts and ax murderers. I could only take one picture. Flash photography was not allowed and it was too dark to take pictures without flash.

We had invited Nicolette and Jacob to come along, but Nicolette was too scared.
We went yesterday to see them in their costumes and wish Claudia a Happy Birthday.

This evening was “Eureka’s Art Alive”. Every first Saturday of the month the Art Galleries are open until 9:00 PM. They serve snacks and wine. Some have live music. There are also bands on street corners. 

Since it was Dia de los Muerdos (Day of the death) there was also a parade down the street.

A mariachi band was part of the parade.

Aztec dancers were dancing up a storm.

At the coffee shop we met this piƱata girl. She gave me a candy.

At the Art Museum an all women band was entertaining the visitors.

At one gallery we got some education about calligraphy. A lady, who was born in China, gave us a lesson.

This evening the Friendship Circle Dance Club had their 64th Annual Dinner. Dinner started at 5:30 PM and we started dancing at 7:00 PM, the regular time. At 8:30 PM we had dessert. Then we danced some more.

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